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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy 8 Highlights-- Biker Babes

  • Why in the world would Mother Nature see fit to give a 41-year-old soccer mom acne?  It's not a lot but really?  Still?  This is fair?  Does she know about the size of my never-ending laundry pile?  Is she aware of the special diet requirements of several members thus making it nearly impossible to make a single meal for all?  Does she understand one week of every month, the 3 ladies in this house are single handedly responsible for elevating both stock prices of Proctor & Gamble and my Costco bill?  Acne on top of it all?  Really, Mother Nature?
  • So I'm working on watermarking my photos.  That's that little words/image in photos that dissuade others from improperly "borrowing" photos.  Now I really don't think that my pics are good enough to "borrow," but then I ran across this story.  Funny and a bit flattering, but still kinda oogy in a freaky way.  Better to be safe than sorry.  So please put up with a changing watermark as I tweak it a bit and put it on photos that are far from deserving.
  • Coming soon-- I've got a couple vegetarian Vietnamese recipes just for you, Norah!  And our pesky puppies too.
  • Our neighbor's got out their "ATV" out for Jude to ride.  Tess was completely satisfied being the biker-babe riding on the back, and to see her little hands wrapped around him was so sweet.  Aside from being really cute, I just couldn't resist and oppertinity to show you green grass in the AZ winter.  


  1. green grass! Oh sure, rub it in why don't you! We're still weeks or months away from that here in New England. I love, love, love the picture of the side by side shoes.

  2. Michelle- You probably know by now how I LOVE shoe photos! Don't they just say so much? Thank you!


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