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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy 8 field trip part 3- in which we find ourselves in a canyon

OK, I'm just gonna cut to the chase...
My very favorite image of the field trip...
How is she so stinkin' photogenic?!  The big dark eyes?  The illusion of permanent eyeliner?  The oh-so-cute skirt?  (PS- I'm still sewing up a storm when there's a moment to spare.)  That impish little smirk?  The boots?  Don't boots just make everyone more photogenic?  Help me... I'm melting!

So on the last leg of our Crazy 8 field trip we went to Oak Creek Canyon, just north of Sedona.  In college, Papa and I drove up and down this canyon every weekend we could.  We'd blare the The Eagles and sing at the top of our lungs.
Don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy.
She'll beat you if you're able.
You know the queen of hearts 
is your best bet.
Back when songs had lyrics we could relate too!   Lyrics about gambling and card games and a monarchy.  OK, maybe relating to the lyrics isn't the end-all-be-all.  But they were still the best of days.

Anywho, life comes full circle and the Crazy 8 kiddos come to the canyon in an loaded SUV.  Singing Lady Gaga this time, who I think, by the way,  is too lazy to actually write lyrics.
Want your bad romance
"I want your ugly".  What in the world does that mean?  Ok, I'm just to old to figure it out.  Or care.

So there we were, unloading the SUV, into the quiet peaceful tranquility of Oak creek Canyon.  Tess screeching that we forgot blankie in the car.  Boo hollering at the top of his lungs...  "I gotta go pee."  Somehow the tranquil peacefulness of the canyon seemed different 2 decades later.

A little hiking trail.  Just what we needs to get the wiggles out.
See that part above that says, "trails continues.. requires wading and swimming through pools and boulder hopping."  We're all hoping to come back in the summer and try this.  Sounds like fun!

So there is this awesome bridge that crosses Beaver Creek...  Notice the dichotomy of a little snow on the bridge but Jujube wearing shorts.   That's what desert rats do... dress inappropriately.   we don't know any better.
And you meander along the trail a bit.  Can't go too fast with the babes.  And sometimes it's so good to hang back with your man a ways and just watch.  No Gameboys.  No TV.  No telephone ringing.    Aren't they divine?  All together.  Oh Lord, please never let these small moments go under appreciated.

And then there is this wonderful ruin of an old house nestled right on the edge of the canyon.
This is the remains of an old barn or hen house.
Look closely on the right of the picture, and you'll see the kiddos. They're scrambling up to the entrance of what I think was a cellar built right into the side of the canyon.  That's where I'd put all my potatoes and my canned preserves.
Notice Patch and his new/old camera, from Grandpapa.  It truly runs in the family.  Gotta start him with the basics of film and aperture and ISO and darkroom work.  

And then there's the remains of the homestead.
I have no idea what this round window was, but as a photographer, it made me drool at a distance.  Notice the snow and the tree.  This was the interior of the home.

There were a couple fireplaces too.  Couldn't resist using the timer to get a pic of us all.

We kept wandering down the trail and cut to the very edge of the canyon.  There's very little sun light back there, and suddenly it wasn't spring anymore.  In 30 yards it was instant winter against the canyon wall.
This is right on the edge of the canyon wall.  I just love the water was dripping down the walls.

Boo hollers, Wait for me!

There was the tiniest little bit of eye rolling when we got in the car to start this trip.  The quantity of dissension was positively correlated to the age of the juvenile passenger.  (I knew that college stats class would eventually come in handy!)  But on the way home, one of the bigger kiddos told us that she really had fun, and we needed to do little field trips like this more often.  The others quickly chimed in and echoed her sentiments.  It was a great way to spend a day, be all together, and discover God's country.


  1. Okay, you are just too cool. Ur like my hero : ) I love the photos with Tess, OMGosh. But really, that second to last photo??? Please tell me the story behind that. Accident? Planned? I LOVE it!

  2. Norah-That pic was a total accident. I was taking a pic of Sunny, Livy, and Patch (who you can't see behind the blur) and Boo ran through the shot literally shouting, wait for me!
    Thanks! I really love it too!

  3. i am salivating over that location. i want to do bridal shots there for someone...
    thanks for mentoring me today.
    i really honor your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

  4. Wish I was there with you all. We used to hang out in Oak Creek Canyon on sunny weekends when I was in college! Beautiful photographs.

  5. Your photographs rock! And happy to see you are sewing up a storm...Love Tess' skirt! Another Mitilda inspired skirt I see! My next project is a knot dress similar to what you made Tess.

  6. It is such a treat to get on your blog site, Nancy! It is total eye candy to look at your photographs. The one of Tess should be entered in a contest! Just beautiful!


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