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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy 8 field trip part 2- in which God yells

I tell my kiddos frequently that God whispers in their soul.   That if he wants, he can use angels or Moses or even a burning bush to convey his wisdom.  But most of the time God doesn't need to be that dramatic.  Most of the time He just softly whispers.  We need to learn to be quiet, (mostly in our souls but even with our mouths too,) to hear Him speak to us.  And as parents we try to teach our children how to be quiet and listen to His whispers.  It's hard when you're 7 years old to keep your body and your soul still enough to "listen."  Sheesh, it's hard when you're 41!

Occasionally however, God doesn't whisper.  Occasionally God yells.  Occasionally He yells loudly.

May I submit to you Exhibit A-the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona
He yells.
He roars.
He hollers.
He shouts.
He howls.
He tells us to be sure to remember who He is with all we do and remember what He is capable of.  He's yelling lots more too.  But we all hear it differently.

Yes, Lord.  I'm listening.

(Tommorrow, Crazy 8 field trip part 3- in which we find ourselves in a canyon)


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