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Friday, February 5, 2010

We made it...

...6+ hours on the road to SoCal!  The babes slept some but not too much.  A couple quick potty breaks and lots of snacks.  Strategically  placed car seats (one in the middle of each bench) to ease the he's-touching-me factor.  The most eventful part of the trip was Tess wiggling out of her car seat doing 80mph west bound on I8!  Everything is a challenge to this child!

A note about the t-shirts that you'll see when we visited the mouse…  they were Papa’s idea.  
Not that I’m above matching t-shirts.  I’m not.  In fact I LOVE matching t-shirts!  Especially Barney-purple matching t-shirts!  But Papa’s the one that came up with the idea, found a t-shirt screener, and designed the image.  He also picked his favorite color and came up with the logo, “Embrace the Chaos.”

Pause for a public service announcement... take notice of Sunny's "nerd glasses."  They're not prescription.  She bought them at the dollar store.  She wears them almost everyday.  She says they make her look like a dork.  She says that's good.  Teenagers are funny creatures.  
Papa looks a little grumpy in that picture, but he really wasn't.  This wonderful man of mine was so cute when it came to these matching t-shirts.  “They’ll help us keep track of each other in the park,” he tells me.  Yea right!  And the little happy smirk I see is evidence that he is so proud of his big brood and proud to show us off to the world.

I’m currently blogging on my laptop in the car.  After our little detour to visit the mouse, (I'll share more of that later) we’re on our way down the coast to SanDiego to see 150 of our closest relatives.  8 siblings celebrating their sister’s 80th birthday!  It’s gonna be a celebration of grand proportion as it should be! 

Currently on the road trip... Sunny is trying to sleep while Tess practices her screeching.  Jujube has said “mom” nonstop for about 15 minutes now.  Patch has spent the last 50 miles arguing that he does not have to do his Thursday’s math homework.  Boo and Livy have that glazed-over, comatose look as they watch the in-flight movie.   Jujube just polished off an entire double-double cheese burger from Wendy’s!  Really… where did this 24 lb Vietnamese little man put it all? 


  1. I can not tell you how much T reminds me of the stuff K used to do! I can't tell you how many times we were driving down the road and she had slipped out of her car seat no matter how TIGHT it was. Must be a petit little girl thing?


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