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Sunday, February 14, 2010


A sweet little smitten valentine-

Boo's smitten with her.  That's the best way to describe it!  He's only 7 years old, and he has been smitten with her for quite a while now.  Over a year.

So after months of asking, I finally relented, and Grace came over to our home for a play date.  I think Boo is one of Grace's buddies.  Grace is more than a buddy to Boo.  He had this happy glassy-eyed smirk on his face the whole time she was here!

I picked them up from the bus stop, and they sat in the back and read a book together.  They took turns reading, and she helped him with the hard words, like emu.

They both giggled.

They played on the swing set and climbed on the wall.

Have you ever seen shoes this cute!  I love taking pictures of shoes.  I think that sometimes they tell the story so much better than any picture of someone's face could.

You know, I just didn't have the courage to tell Grace's mom that I am a anal-retentive soccer mom who is a bit a deprived of adult company and uses a blog to keep my memories fresh and fill a void for adult companionship.  I didn't have the courage to explain that Grace is now a running character in the aforementioned blog and ask if I could please share her daughter's picture with my cyber-space bloggie friends.  I think that may have come across a little weird and pathetic, and she was one of those gals that I'm sure had a pedicure recently.  So sadly I am not going to show you Grace's picture.

But let me say that she is as cute as a bug in a rug!  And giggles and jabbers away and always has a quick smile!  Not to mention those shoes!  I can see why he is smitten with her!  Heck, I'm smitten with her!

But when loading his backpack, I found this note he wrote to her.  It's a little tough to read through the crayon, so here's what it says,

love, Boo.             to, Gras.
I like you so much.  I like you more then enething in the world.  I hope tobay is the best day ever. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  Savor the love in every little thing!

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