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Friday, February 12, 2010


Oh the birthday celebration was just divine!  The birthday girl, our Aunt Mickey, was completely surprised.  And when you're celebrating your 80th birthday, I think that's a bit risky.

Here is the birthday girl getting kisses from her brothers and sisters.  So many brothers and sisters and cousins and great great nieces and nephews!  The babies, the chicken dance, the old photos, the balloons, and the mashed potatoes!  Did I mention the mashed potatoes were divine?  Oooops! I got sidetracked again.  But they really were delicious!

I wish the party could have lasted longer, and I could have talked to more folks that I had no idea who they were.  Aren't reunions always like that?

So here're some pictures mostly for family.  If any of y'all want me to send you a file of the pic, just let me know.  If you're one of the folks that I promised black-n-white and soft focus, and didn't come through... then... hmmmmm... put on your sunglasses and squint.  I'm proud to be a member (if only in-law) of such a beautiful and beautiful-in-spirit family!

Photo disclaimer-  Full florescent lighting.  Not even a hint of natural light except in the beginning when the door opened.  Waffled between 1600 and 3200 ISO.  Did my best.
I'll pause for a moment to point out cousin Michelle, Mickey's daughter, who led a shocked Mickey in the door as we yelled surprise.  First of all, knock my socks off and wowza!  Michelle's gorgeous!  But more to the point, Michelle just, I mean just, got back from serving a tour in Iraq in the U.S. Air force.  You'd think she could've come back just looking a bit more haggard from the harsh effects of war, if only to make the soccer moms in the world (or even just the party) around her feel better about consuming all those yummy mashed potatoes.  Michelle's my new hero.  

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