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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knot dress attempt

I've been drooling over Matilda Jane clothing even before Tess came home.  It's criminal how expensive it is.  (My grandmother would've said that!)  This gorgeous girl (also from VietNam) has the most fabulous wardrobe, including shoes, ever!   Thanks again Norah for the awesome photos and all the inspiration.

My friend Kim made these cute skirts for her daughter.

Sherri sewed up a storm for PC when she was preggos.

And that's how it happened... I got inspired.
My sewing machine had no less than 6" of dust on it.  Thanks to my home ec class in jr. high, say circa 1982, I sewed a lot of my own clothing.  I was never really good at it, but it was cheaper on my $10 a week allowance.  But I haven't sewn clothing since my oldest was a baby, 16 years ago.  I wondered if it was like riding a bicycle.

Papa was a little concerned about the wack-a-doodle fabric combination.
After some surfing, I found this pattern for a Matilda Jane "knot dress" look-a-like.  Note the paper pattern for the bodice copied directly from the site above.  I've never really been that creative.  I am however a good thief and steal other's ideas frequently.   Let's just call it getting inspired.  Sounds better that way.
I threw some dinner in the crockpot so I wouldn't  really have to worry about dinner.  (Machaca-a Mexican shredded beef, for burritos which was so easy, and the kiddos devoured it.  Thank you, Krista for the recipe!)  Then turned on the IPOD for some intense dancing to keep the babes occupied till lunch.  And off to sewing.

The older kiddos literally gathered around the table in awe to watch this new fangled contraption, as if they had never seen a sewing machine.  There were mistakes, and my seam ripper got a work out on a couple occasions.  But they weren't fatal.

As I was pressing a seam open, Boo and I had this conversation.
Boo:  Mom, you don't iron.
Me: (a little defensively) Yes, I do.  See, I'm ironing now.
Boo: No, I mean like in 2009.

He's right.  I don't iron.  At least not last decade.

But look how cute it turned out!  As soon as Tess put it on, she started swinging her hips back and forth.  It was SO worth all that seam ripping to see that skirt sway to and fro.
Even the back is so so cute!  Sunny requested a dress with this back for her next.
Livy said she needs more pics on the blog.  Hang on to those legs warmers and shoulder pads!  Evidently crimping is back in.  Who woulda thunk?
I did change a few things from the original pattern like adding the little apron and how the straps attach at the sides, but I'm quite proud of my efforts!  Proud enough to go back to the fabric store and make another!


  1. Love the dress...and the fabrics are awesome...tell Papa! Thanks too for sharing the pattern in your blog. Happy sewing!!

  2. Do you just get more and more awesome by the minute? Seriously. The dress is awesome and did you make it in one day for real? If so, I need to have a talk with my mom. She started a dress for L Thanksgiving of 08 and I haven't seen it yet...hehehe. Not kidding. I don't know how to sew nor iron. And crimping is back? ! ? Very cool! I was ALL over that crimping iron. I thought it made my hair look like the crinkle cut french fries : )

  3. Gorgeous photos. I crimped my hair at that age .

  4. Tessa just gets prettier all the time - Jude is a handsome little man. Love the dress also! How do you do it? I am in awe. Love to read your blog and see all your fantastic photos and hear of your fun life with your brood!

  5. So, after all was said and done, what did the fabric, and supplies end up costing per dress?

  6. Sherri-
    About $20 a dress, but I'm over-buying yardage so I think I can cut it down to $15. Not cheap, but still cute!

  7. wow! i am so impressed. it's SUPER cute. i want to wear one in my size.


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