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Friday, February 26, 2010

Knot Dress - The Sequel

Sunny helped pick out the fabrics, so pink of course is in the mix 'cause she says every princess needs some pink.  I added pockets this time.  Tess goes around all day putting her treasures in there.  Paper clips, erasers, wrappers, barrettes, ribbons...
Someone asked... it takes me about 1 day to make.  Not a whole day, maybe 4 hours when nobody is bugging me, which never happens., so it's so much more than 4 hours.  
Again, the pattern in on this blog and is quite easy to follow if you have a little sewing know-how.  


  1. I would have to agree-I'm a pink girl myself! These remind me of the color, styles and patterns of the Keedo clohtes(sooo cute and way expensive) do you remember those? I loved those for Kylee! I want a little girl to dress up like that-can I borrow Tess?

  2. Love the dress have now inspired me to make one! Hugs to Tess and Jude from Tori=)


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