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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boogie-beach monster

Before we headed back home, we went down to Mission Beach for a quick visit.

It was the first time the babes had been to the beach and ocean.  It was so sweet watching both Patch and Livy because they were both so excited to show the babes the beach and the water and shells and seaweed.  I decided to sit back and let them.  They were the proudest brother and sister there ever was.  And I think the pictures seem to capture this, and for me, that's what the camera is all about, capturing not just the image, but the flavor of the moment.  So when I look back I can not only see it, but taste it too.

I was sorry that our beach visit couldn't have been for longer, but as it turned out, a huge storm had blown through, and it was chilly and blustery.  Jujube was still on overload from the D-land trip and not feeling well. So he stayed clung to Papa the entire time, lest the boogie-beach monster come and gobble him up.  And let's be honest with ourselves, at Mission Beach this can be a real possibility.

Then this happened.

So we cut our beach visit even shorter.  I guess Jujube was right 'bout that boogie-beach monster after all.


  1. Your photos do tell the story...I especially think the one with the reflective images in the water was really neat!

  2. fun shots. i love CA beaches, even when chilly. the last shot is fantastic!


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