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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad influence

What happens when you get 3 toddlers together for a photos?

It starts ok. I check my ISO.  Aperture.  Try to learn to focus.  Take a test shot.

My depth of field and focus are way off.  And in a flash, Tess decides her bum is her best asset.  Jujube gets ready to launch himself down the stairs.  Tori sits sweetly and smiles for the camera.

Then it goes bad.  Notice Tori still sits while my rug rats take off in opposite directions.

And it gets worse.

So here's how bad a photographer I am.  I brought my camera and somewhere between finding two week-old sippy cups of milk under the car seat, and breaking up a vicious bout of hair pulling... I forgot my memory card.  Head hung in shame!

So Kim let me borrow her camera.  She was in Scottsdale visiting, and adopted Tori from VietNam from the same agency we did at the same time.  Both our adoptions were full of so so much bureaucratic crappola and led to excruciating delays.  It's good to bond with folks that know the road you've traveled.

A camera is a lot like your car.  Driving someone else's just isn't the same.  I had to adjust the seat, I couldn't find the headlights, and I flipped on the windshield wipers when trying to turn on the blinker.

Tori, Kim's daughter is the same age as T&J.  These 3 share the same mother land, similar histories.  Someone asked, "Are they triplets?"  I was so tempted to just say yes and walk off.  Why else would there be 3 Asian kiddos in the same place at the same time?  Kim was sweet, "No they're all just around the same age."

The resemblance between Jujube and Tori is so striking to me.  So typically Vietnamese with those full cheeks, gorgeous almond eyes, and cute little chin.

Thanks so much Kim for the visit.  I'll try to remember my memory card next time!


  1. YAY - you're uploading the pics in a new way, the fuzzy pixels are gone and in place are sharp lovely photos!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress you made. When I grow up I will learn to sew.

  2. Great job with the photos...I love them!


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