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Friday, January 29, 2010

Watching the Wall

Did I mention Sunny's driving skills are improving?
Her confidence level is high!  God love her, she's always been a confident gal!
But her skill to confidence ratio is WAY off!  That never works out well.

It went down like this.

My rule of thumb is that if we're driving somewhere, she drives.  Hours behind the wheel is good, and that's good, right?  We made it to the parking garage.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  I was starting to feel some relief from the anxiety of her driving on the freeway.  Our trip was almost over.  We were almost there and still in one piece!  And she did so well!  She didn't cut anyone off or run over anyone.  And for the most part, all 4 wheels stayed on the ground.  That's good, right?

But parking an SUV isn't for beginners!  One last thing to accomplish... parking.  My heart rate was steadily increasing.  My blood pressure on the rise.  My palms were getting sweaty.

So she finds an empty parking spot on the end, thus eliminating the possibility of damaging 2 other cars.  That's good, right?

She starts the turn.
She's going all of 2 M.P.H.  That's good, right?

As she's approaching, the wall on our right looks a little close to me.  The concrete wall.  The immovable, very solid, wall.  But the car on our left is at a safe distance.  That's good, right?

That wall seems to be getting closer.  Too close as a matter of fact.  I need to jump in at this point.  And I'm not flexible or young enough anymore to jump across the center console, land in her lap, and take over parking for myself, but it does briefly cross my mind.  So I say, calmly at first...
Sunny, watch the wall... watch it...  watch it... it's close... Watch it!  Watch out for it!  WATCH OUT FOR THE WALL!!!

Her 2 M.P.H. speed and her turning radius never changed.  And I can't really describe it as a crash.  Cause when you're only going 2 M.P.H. it was more like a slow drawn out crumple when your bumper eases from its impact against aforementioned concrete wall rather than a crash.

And honestly, my first thought when she hit it was, Oh thank you sweet Lord that it wasn't another car that she hit!  No police or insurance company involvement necessary.  I don't need to ask you... that's good.

We were fine.  It won't be a big deal in hind sight.  An SUV with a dented bumper, can get to the grocery and pediatrician just a well as a SUV with a straight bumper.  That's good too.

But here's the kicker.

So eventually, after a couple decaf venti mocha fapachinos to calm our nerves, I ask the obvious.
Sunny, when I said to watch the wall, why didn't you?

Matter of factly she replies.
Oh, I did mom.  I watched the wall the entire time!

Well, we'll just keep practicing and giving her more hours behind the wheel with us teaching her from the passenger seat.  That's good, right?


  1. It's okay. Her eyelashes make up for it. I think those lashes could get her just about anything she wants! Wait a minute, maybe they blocked the view of the wall??? Ever think of that?


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