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Friday, January 15, 2010

WARNING- Incredibly cute baby bum approaching!

These are a few lost pictures of Tess from a picnic last summer in the AZ mountains.   It's called Paradise Creek, and is on the Apache Indian reservation.

And even though she's in need of a few more pounds, these are still some of my very favorite pics of her.  She's just has such a serious look about her, and those eyes of hers just seem to look through to your soul.  I just never got around to posting them.  And since I'm STILL without my camera and still feeling naked, so...

(See how NOT patient I am!  Excuse me while I push the refresh button on my camera status!)

On a side note, Operation "Rid the house of useless crap to earn myself a new camera lens" is doing well!  (Stacey & Norah-It's a Canon 24-70 I'm currently drooling over followed by an 85 or 110 mm prime.)  Thanks to eBay and Craig's List, I'm getting very close, and if I can just sell the baby crib this weekend, I think we'll be there!  Anyone want a used crib?  I'll come to your house and take pics for free with my new lens!   I really hope whoever takes me up on this offer lives somewhere awesome, like SanFrancisco, or Bali, or SaiGon!

Tess loves hats and regularly steals Jujube's baseball hats. She has no shame and just pulls it off his head, which can and does quickly escalate to a hair pulling, biting, screaming, rolling around on the floor, wrestling match. Adult supervision highly recommended!  After soaking 2 sets of clothing, Papa ultimately made the decision to let her splash around in her nakedidity, except for the hat and the shoes, because after all, we DO have standards! Don't worry Grandmas, there was NObody around for miles and miles and miles.

refresh... refresh... still nothing!


  1. Yum. Lenses. I have the 24-70, and my next one is def gonna be the 85mm. I also am rocking an only slightly outdated 40D and I am CRAVING a 5D mk11. Happiness = full frame.

    Flikr is NOT letting the baby buns shot show!!! Fix it, We wanna see!

  2. Staci- A D5!!!! I'm pea green! Well thanks to Craig's List, I have the $ for the new lens but no camera yet! Keeping my fingers crossed for this week to get it back. Then there are 2 more lens I want in the line up. 85mm prime and 10-25mm. I'm drooling again! Maybe someday! What are you favorite lenses??


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