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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Still naked...

My husband wrote this on Facebook yesterday-

I have been entertained all day watching my wife pace back and forth waiting for the FedEx truck. I have seen expectant parents with less nervous energy. Hopefully the FedEx man shows up soon. To our friends in Scottsdale, if you seen a lunatic running around this weekend with a camera, it is only my wife. She is harmless...

FedEx 2nd day air and my camera was suppose to be here yesterday.  Nothing.  Stupid rain.  I now have a shiney new wonderful lens waiting for an MIA camera.  I didn't even know FedEx could be late.  

I missed shots of Tess after she ate a blue highlighter.

I missed shots of Jude who thought playing with a carton of eggs would be a good idea.

I missed all the shots of fall, which at my house lasts 6.8 days in mid-Janurary.

I missed shots of the most wonderful new Vietnamese recipe I have ever eaten and wanted to share it with you!  Not really, but I could've if I wanted too!

Another post without pictures.  It's wrong.  You're so good to still be here my sweet bloggie friends.  It means a lot to me that you've stuck by for me during these difficult times.  

Still naked.

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