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Sunday, January 17, 2010

End of my rope

I've put the babies back in thier bed 21 times thus far tonight.  I'm sitting in a chair outside their door waiting for them to open their door and giggle... again...  It will happen.

They get the toys out and play in complete darkness.

They giggle when I open the door.  They screach at the delight of it all when I come in to lay them back down.

If I had my camera, I would take a photo of myself pulling my hair out and at my witts end.  I would love to go postal all over this house.  I will not.

Suggestions for keeping toddlers in bed????  Anything is appreciated!

There, it happened again.  22 times.  Now I'm waiting for 23 times.


  1. Silent return is all we know! From the Weissbluth book..I think that is his name. Love your blog!!

  2. Ashley- Thanks for the suggestion! Really! I've never heard of this, but and it's pretty much the same as we've done with our 4 older kiddos. The babes are pretty young yet to have stickers or delayed consequences work. And with 2 babes in one room, (no other options either) it's not as successful. BUT with time, and your recommendation that reinforce what I'm already doing, I'm confident it will work eventually... slowly... I'm feeling more optimistic about it lately.
    Thank you so so much for the source! I'm gonna bookmark his work!

  3. At least they are giggling. L would be screaming hysterically and hyperventilating. I predict she'll never meet a man cause she'll still be sleeping in her Mama's bed. Or should I say crying, talking in her sleep, kicking, hitting, pulling hair, scratching her hands and feet, and touching me with her feet, in her Mama's bed. Yeah, it's THAT bad.

  4. Sasha is doing the same thing. She was sleeping through the night for about a year and then suddenly she wakes up again and again throughout the night. I lost count at 14 times one night. Most nights it is only five or so times. She has started a new "fun" thing that if I don't get there quickly enough she will have worked herself into a screaming fit that has lasted up to an hour. That has happened about five times so far in the last couple of months. We will make it through this...lucky they are sooo cute.
    Stacey and Sasha

  5. OK, I still can't keep my big kids (well the older boys) quiet and in bed. I am the WRONG one to ask about this subject! But, if you get any great ideas, pass them along-I could use some.


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