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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adoption Video of our Son & Daughter

I'll let you in on a secret.  It's kinda embarrassing.  

For all you adoption mamas out there, this might make sense.  For the rest of you, this will only confirm that I've completely lost my marbles.

Adoption is not easy.  It's the antithesis of easy.  It's heart wrenching at times.  Biding the days, weeks, months, and possibly even years, while you wait for a child can make you crazy.  And then to know that this child, your child, is growing up not only without you, but under adverse conditions, is just more than a mama can take some days.

So one of the ways I helped pass the agonizing months while we were waiting to travel to VietNam to scoop up Tess and Jujube was to work on the following video.  I put hours upon hours in on the first 2 minutes of this video while waiting.  I changed the music no less than 1,473 times.  The amount of time I wasted on this project was just silly.  I could have built a condominium complex in less time.  It was probably more like an excuse to repeatedly look at the photos and video clips on my children half way across the world.  But because we didn't have Tess and Jujube yet, I could never finish the video no matter how much I worked on it.  

Then the babes finally came home, and this adoption video sat undone for a long while.  There was laundry to do and dishes to wash and condominium complexes to build.  

18 months later, and desperately needing a creative outlet since my camera is still in the shop, I finally got around to finishing it, in about 2 days.

I'm a little nervous to show it to y'all.  But here it goes...  

The Making of the Crazy 8s.
Our adoption journey of how we traveled half way across the world and back to meet our Tess and Jujube and complete our family.

PS- I only had to put the babes back in bed 5 times last night!  Progress!


  1. I'm going to watching it. I promise. But is it going to make me cry? I'm not up for crying right now because I just may not stop. I'll have to wait until the kids are in school tomorrow.

  2. Norah- I know what you mean! Most of those videos have that sappy sad music that make me weep. I tried to make it uplifting and happy. And the music helps too. I think you'll be ok!

  3. That was wonderful. Didn't make me cry - only made me happy that those 2 beautiful children found their way to you and you to them. God is good. I see a difference in Tess when she was younger in the orphanage as to when she had been there for several months. I saw the same change in Emma from when she was 4 months old to 7-1/2 months. She lost her spark. Now her essence is back, as I know Tessa's is also. What a keepsake for your children to have.

  4. Christina- Oh YES! The missing spark. If you could only see all the pics (we got SO many pics unlike others) end to end, it is so so obvious that it was gone in the end. That last pic in the video at 11 months is just so sad. I think some little ones just use it as a coping mechanism to survive and revert in when they know no one is their own. So so sad. And we are still trying to draw her out. And she is still coming out a little more each day, week, month. Glad you enjoyed and it left you happy.

  5. Okay, I'm not gonna lie. My eyes were slightly wet. Great video!

  6. That was AWESOME!!! I think I will have to try the One True Media because I tried the program through Windows and CANNOTfigure out how to add music.

  7. So nice to see a positive adoption story, and how happy your family is! We hope to be one of the lucky ones one of these days, too!

  8. wow. amazing video of a truly amazing story! i cried. happy tears. :)

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I LOVED the music!!! Such a sweet video:)

  10. Absolutely amazing. What a great gift to your children. You are so talented!

  11. Beautiful.

    I linked to your blog through A Bushel and a Peck. My husband and I are at the beginning of this crazy journey into fostering/adopting or both. Thanks for making your lives available through blogging.



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