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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Lesson in Goose Feeding

So let me teach you how to feed the geese, baby brother.

First you have to be very quiet and still.  I know that's very hard when you're 2.
And look them dead in the eye so they'll be hypnotized by your cuteness.

Hold the popcorn in your hand, out flat like this.

You're doing great!  Now be very still and wait...  wait... wait...
Or you can just eat the popcorn.  It's all good.

PS-The climate of the Arizona desert in the winter... gotta love it!  This was a particularly chilly day!  You can tell by the sweater.


  1. Hysterical. I'm looking at the pics, reading, and thinking awwww how sweet, and wow she's so good with him, and then he eats it and I lose it! LOL

  2. Liv is so precious, and kind, and gentle and patient. What a sweetheart!!!


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