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Monday, January 11, 2010


You ever have one of those days?
One of those baseball stadium sized laundry pile-days?
One of those his teacher called wondering if his over-due book report was at home.  And it's not-days?
One of those you were 20 minute late and still couldn't find your car keys-days?
One of those I traded my 2 college degrees for this-days?
One of those as I was cleaning up the spilled dishwasher detergent, I found a very old leak under the sink-days?
One of those the babies thought unloading all the icecubes on the floor was a good idea-days?
One of those you were pretty sure alternating Doritos with an stale bag of Halloween candy you found in the back of the cupboard could fix everything-days?

Being a mama can be tough.  There are days I don't want to drag my bum out of bed, and when I do, the 5 therapy sessions a week (very very soon to go up back up to 7) are the last thing I want to do.  On days like these I'm still repeating my my mama mantra.  I first talked about it here, and I guess I was unknowingly predicting my future.  I had no idea just how frequently I would be using it.  In short, my mantra reminds me that God chooses just the perfect mama for each of His children.  And with all my imperfections, (and wowza are the a LOT of opportunities to practice parenting lately!) at least I know that I was perfectly chosen by Him for each sweet wonderful child I have been blessed with.  "Not perfect, but perfectly chosen," again and again I repeat when needed, sometimes through gritted teeth.  Sometimes out loud and sometimes in silent prayer when those are the only thoughts I can muster in chaos.  Sometimes through tears. And sometimes with a huge beaming smile, cause I am also a firm believer in "fakin' it till you make it," if need be.

Wow this is heavy stuff.  It's not always like this.  Just sometimes!

Enter, stage left... Laura.
My proof in the puddin' that the Lord knows just what He's doing!  Another perfectly chosen mama.
Laura has 3 incredibly beautiful children that she and her sweet husband, Bill, didn't come by easily.  They had to fight real hard for this family  And without revealing her private story, I think she's be ok with me saying that there are some special needs in this family that pale ours.  Very very few women have what it takes to be a mama to these wonderful children.  But Laura was born with what my grandmother would have called chutzpa, the nerve to get 'er done, and say it like it is, and take the grunt of the work all for them.   And seemingly she does it all with grace and ease.  And thank God that she does, 'cause it needed to be done or their family would look very different indeed.  Laura is a nurse practioner by trade and uses these skills in her family every day.  And Laura isn't perfect either, but she is perfectly chosen.

I've watched Laura for several years now and watched her parent her children through multiple surgeries and the unknown future.  She's flown from west coast to east and back to meet with docs and surgeries.  She has more diagnosises than I can wrap my head around.  Many many many schools and IEPs and successes and revisions.  And as the children grow, it's still in wonderful transition every single day.  She's just one of those mamas that you watch and learn and grow from.

And look at them!

Isn't she just the yummiest!

How appropriately boy!

My heart swoons!

Oh yea!  Laura embraces all the critters that come with kiddos too!

The freckles.  The kiss!  The red hair!  I think I'm gonna go into a diabetic coma!

Thank you, Laura, for letting me be there to practice my pics and capture some of these wonderful moments.  My heart runeth over.


  1. Wow, Trish...that is really nice! Thank you for being so kind!

  2. I am in love with that redhead! You know I got a special place on my heart for reds :o) They are all glowing with beauty in and out-what a great mom...

  3. That was a beautiful family and a beautiful post. It's one I would like to bookmark and read from time to time to remind of some things. You are an amazing mom and I feel like I learn so much from you. Thank you my friend.


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