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Monday, January 25, 2010

It came! So we went to the zoo...

So it FINALLY came!  You know I don't use those all caps with ease!  But this instant deserves it!  It FINALLY came!  Or rather, I finally drove down to the FedEx office and picked it up.

So we went to the zoo and broke it in.

See how close I can get?

And see how far I can get?  Livy shows Jujube the sting rays.

Ooooooooo... nice depth of field!

See how funny Papa is?  I wasn't the only one that took a picture of his t-shirt while we were there.

See how naturally maternal my sweet girl is?  Sometimes I have to remind her just who the mama is around here!

And see what happens when her turn is over on the carousel, and she has to get off?  Sad Tess.  There's no negotiating with an upset 2-year-old!

See my boy?

I swear, I didn't teach him this!  But this is what happens when you point a camera at an 11-year-old boy!

And the colors are pretty wonderful too!

A wonderful piece of glass!


  1. so glad your 7th baby arrived. can you please not rub it in my face that you can go outside and experience warm things? some of us have new england winters we have to deal with. thanks. love your roundy fadey corners, friend.

  2. I love the pics, but that T-shirt really distracted me from my original comment! LOL. Too funny!


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