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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Griswold Family Does Snow

I mean it's just snow!
By now, many of you who live in the artic tundra in say, Connecicut, or Ohio, or New Jersey, are probably sick of it by Janurary!
But because we're desert rats, visiting the high country in the winter makes us giddy!  Mostly cause we get to leave after a couple days!

Snow is in abundance at '7200 in Arizona right now.  So we loaded up the SUV to its maximum occupancy of 8 passengers, car seats strategically placed in the middle of each bench to limit "he's touching me" incidents, added 783 carefully selected DVDs, 1 box of Milk Duds, and a very car sick puppy, and headed up to the mountains to our little cabin in the woods.
Last year this time, the babes were absolutely certain that snow was a demonic creation placed at the little cabin in the woods just to aggravate them.  But here they are 1 year later, Papa pulling them to the little sled hill.

And then they are on their very first trip down the sled hill!
Don't you just wish you could package up some of that joy!  I'm pretty sure it could change the world!
Jackets aren't even on yet!  Jujube's gloves really aren't either.

But the first time walking in the snow took some getting used to.

And the first time eating snow was a bit different than Tess expected.

Sadly there was a tumble, and it didn't end well for Jujube.
Oddly, his mama stopped to take a picture of the tragedy before scooping him up.  Maybe that's wrong.

Then the big kiddos took to the big hill to show 'em how it's done

Big kid

Bigger kid

Biggest kids!
Papa and I can't be left out of ALL the fun!

"Hey son., let me give you some pointers..."
Fathers and sons... together... each looking the other in the eye...
This is the stuff moments are made of!
Does it make every mama weak in the knees, or is it just me?

Looks like he's got the hang of it!

Sometimes it's all about looking cute!
OK, when your a 16 when is it NOT about looking cute!

Oh  now I'm getting weak in the knees again!

Still complete with her bracelet that never comes off.  Our adoption day is inscribed inside.  Best gift she's gotten yet, cause what girl doesn't need accessories?  Ask me where to get one if you're interested.

A wonderful weekend excursion all the way around.  Especailly 'cause now we're back at home, and it's a brisk 71 degrees outside this afternoon!  Yikes!  I'm gonna grab my jacket!

PS-Y'all have ANY suggestions for how to cure/treat an adorable puppy with very sensitive car sickness?  Please?  I keep thinking he's gonna out grow it.  Rather I'm desperately praying that he'll outgrow it.  But he's closing in on his first birthday, and it's just not getting any better.  Short of finding a new puppy cause he's in his awkward teenage years and it would just crush him, (and me!) I would love love love any and all suggestions.


  1. Hi Trish,
    Our first Springer Spaniel (many, many years ago) was car sick and Dramamine was the answer. Probably by now they have some doggie pills that work the same. If not give it a try. The kids are so adorable. Looking forward to meeting them in Feb.
    Love, Aunt Nancy

  2. I would love to know where you got that bracelet, and how it opens/closes. Beatrice has lost two of them now and has a third jade one that she only wears when I can keep watch over it. Also, here in Connecticut.... I LOVE December snow, smile at it January, grin and bear it in February, and despise it in March or later.

  3. I LOVE the pics, but so glad I am seeing them from my computer in my sweats. Brrrr, it's cold out there. Ahhh, that beautiful bracelet. L lost hers for a week and then we found it on the side of her bed. I was SO worried. There is something just so special about those tiny bracelets. Does Tess take hers off? L kept taking it off and putting it back on.

  4. Norah-
    No, Tess has never taken her bracelet off. Not sure she even knows it's there. I'm not sure she's strong enough to take it off even if she wanted too. Oh it is so pretty and tiny! Glad you like yours!

  5. Michelle-
    Here's the link for the bracelet
    I really really just love Tess's and plan on buying her a new one when she outgrows this one which won't be for a while. It is a cuff so there isn't a latch or parts to come apart and no choking hazards. Tess is pretty small and wear the infant size at 28 months.

  6. Aunt Nancy-I'm gonna try the Dramamine for the pup for sure next trip! Thank you so much!


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