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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy 8 Highlights--Shades of Grey

  • There were times in my life when I have been fortunate enough that if I wanted something I could just go out and buy it.  They were good times indeed!   But I 'm not sure they taught me to appreciate an item's worth.  My camera has the same lens that I used over 20 years ago in college, a 50mm fixed lens that now has a small light leak.  After reseaching over 6 months, I finally figured out which lens I'd like to replace it with, but no funds to purchase it.  So I've been selling stuff, worthless to us stuff, just takes up space in the garage and closet stuff, on ebay and Craig's List.  It's been kinda fun and certianly is a challenge to my patience.  Wow... this is probalby so so boring.  But being a camera/photo buff, I'm just so excited at the prospect of getting this new lens!  Been walking through the house scruptuously looking at everything, asking, "Do we really need that golf bag, baby shoes, fishing pole, autographed hockey jersey...?"  So far the crappolla just laying around has earned a tidy little sum, and I'm a little over half way there to my new lens!
  • Let's just say Papa and I have been through the parental ringer lately.  When they were little I was all like, don't stick stuff in the electrical outlet and don't talk to strangers.  When they were little, the answers were easy and in black and white.  Chew with your mouth closed.  Yes, you have to wear underwear.  Don't throw sand.  Don't put Sharpies up your nose!  Then they start growing up, and the black and white blurred together to many shades of grey.  They think they are grown and suddenly the parental division of the Crazy 8's has little to no influence.  I'm not sure I know the answers anymore, much less how to implement them.  And even though my heart breaks as I watch them spread their wings and fall, I know it is these very challenges that make them strong and smart.  This is growing up after all.  It's not easy business.  I won't divulge my children's privacy.  But I will say to other parents... use your resources.  When it's time, ask for help.   Ask your mom and your in-laws and a counselor and your pastor for guidance.  As a parent, don't take it personally.  Pray and ask God to speak in your heart for guidance.  Keep a good girlfriend, one you can cry on and one that would never judge you or your children, close at hand.  Continue to wrap your growing children in your arms and tell them how very much you love them.  Then tell them again.  Then tell them again.  Then do it again.
  • Well now my camera is in the shop too!!!  I'm feeling naked without it!  Don't visualize that!   But I can't post without pictures.  So I'm leaving you with a favorite one of mine from the summer.  It's a little... um... how do I say this... insinuating of... umm... Oh never mind!  If you don't see it, I'm not telling you!  But I still think it's very pretty.  I snuck into a neighbor's garden to take it.  I wasn't naked though.


  1. You never cease to amaze me! You crack me up with your witty posts and wow me with your photography AND parenting skills : ) Do tell...what lens is it?????

  2. yes, Nancy, lets get this out in the open. Are you taking phallic flower shots with a Nikon or a Canon? :)

  3. I have the sense of humor of a twelve year old teehee I totally see it! I would also like to know what lens you are working towards and as a complete cheapskate LOVE how you are being creative to get to it.


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