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Monday, March 23, 2009

First baby pool

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look who else is finally walking!

Nineteen months old and Jujube is FINALLY walking! His feet look really good and honestly they no one would notice any differences in them except for the surgery scars on the back of his ankles. He has cute fat wide little baby toddler feet! We're gonna celebrate by buying him his first pair of shoes! And one of the most significant implications of this, is that he now only has to wear his brace when he goes to bed at night! Yea! No more scratched floors or leather couches. No more bruises on my shins, or Tess's head for that matter! No more laces and bolts and buckles, at least no more than 1X per day! YEA!
We saw our pediatric orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and he gave us the go-ahead to take the brace off during the day, but he did mention that another surgery may be necessary when Jujube is around 4 years old. Yikes! But again, unlike in Saigon, this surgery, which will be Jujube's 3rd, is possible and correctable and will happen. He is home with us, his forever family, and we will continue to provide all that is needed.

He has now been watching Tess toddle around for almost a month now. Tess is actually running around now. I'm sure he finally had enough of her upstaging him, and decided to get off his lazy hands and knees, and started walking. And you might say that he is in the, "head-injury stage" of learning to walk! The result... he got a black eye by falling into the fireplace! I tried to get a pic of it, but it had faded quite a bit. (I know all you 1st or 2nd time mama's are gonna give me heck for not childproofing the house to the n-th degree!)

One of my favorite things... Today Jujube put his arm around Tess's shoulder and gave her a little squeeze. Often when I call her name, he copies me, hollering, "Teeeeeeeeeess.." He's mastered giving kisses, but has finally decided to turn his affections to Tess. To see him give her a kiss or a hug her makes my heart swell! Don't get me wrong, they still bite each other if they get ticked at each other, and grab and holler at each other when the other takes a toy away. But I think "sibling love" is far from automatic and it's taken a lot of work. Tess on the other hand... she could still care less about him. Just like a woman to figure out how to man to her advantage!

And maybe these pics will make a few of you living in cold winter weather, jealous! The desert in the winter in BEAUTIFUL!

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