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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tag Was Olb

Coincidentally both Papa's and my parents are out of town.  Well that's putting it lightly.  More specifically, they're out of country on the sandy, sun-drenched, beaches of Mazatlan, Mexico, and Nicaragua.  You remember sun, right?  That's that warm yummy-feeling stuff that you expose your bare skin to?

Comes out of the blue over-head thingy that's behind all those grey clouds? 
Sun block lotiony stuff? 

I'll pretend not to be insanely jealous!

So these are some pics from our Christmas morning rip and tear extravaganza, just for T.A.G. W.A.S. O.L.B.  (Totally Awesome Grandparents Who Are Sunbathing On Latin Beaches)  In this glorious age of modern technology how awesome is it that not only I can capture some of the emotions on the kiddos' faces, but that I can use my magic tansporter to beam the images all the way to sun-drenched latin beaches?!  No doubt their fingers are moist from all that sunblock and greasing up their keyboard as we speak!  I feel NO sympathy!

Thank you so much, Grammy and Grandpapa, and Granna and Storm!  The looks on their faces were priceless.  

Tess rummages in her stocking

Boo has grand visions of being a rock star!

Patch helps Jujube open a gift.

Livy was pretty positive that this ipod was not a possibility...

...but Christmas surprises are the best.

How 'bout a play-kitchen?

Really they shared like this the whole time!  Never-you-mind my nose that keeps getting longer.

And never-you-mind that bump on Tess's head where Jujube clunked her on the head with a pot for not sharing!  Let me live in my bubble where all my kiddos always gets along for the sake of their mother's mental health!

The culprit pot!

Patch on being Patch.

Oh see how sweet are they always are?  Denial is bliss!

Missing you already T.A.G. W.A.S. O.L.B.  Stand in the sand and let the waves roll over your toes for me.


  1. I can't get over the babies jammies-give them a red nose and they can be clowns next year for Halloween-so cute! Patch & Baby P can have matching sock monkeys :o)

  2. Merry Christmas indeed! (Someday we will spend it on a beach, right??)


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