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Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunset and Silhouette

Starting a new tradition can be met with resistance.

After Papa's wonderful Christmas supper of prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and asparagus, I could feel the extra pounds adhereing themselves to my already mushy tushy!  It was scary!  Quick, I think!  A new holiday tradition!  A late afternoon hike!  I could only muster up participation from 4 of the 8 of us.  Oh well.  It's a start.

This desert trail is just a couple miles from our home.  Yep, I'll rub it in a little for those of you buried in the snow!  Those are shorts and t-shirts on Christmas Day!  The advantage of living in the desert is that we get to rub it in every month that's not summer.  Maybe y'all can soak up some of the warmth telepathically.

I am in love love love with the last picture of Papa and Patch.  Something about the way he's looking up at his dad to absorb every word of wisdom.  Might try to use it for a Father's Day gift in some way.  Any ideas beyond a frame?

The look on Papa's face is priceless!
 He's like come on lady!  Stop shooting pics and start walking already!
All in the middle of a stand of chollas.

Camelback Mountain in the distance


  1. soooooooo jealous. i would love to go on a long walk today to work off some of the potatoes, stuffing, cookies, etc. lovely shots ma' dear!

  2. Great pictures. It may be warm there, but you know I am a boot girl... I'll deal with the cold weather just so I can wear my boots : ) I'd look pretty silly hiking in that dessert with boots on!

  3. Norah- They have LOVELY hiking boots that you could add to your collection! And very stylish too!

  4. ooooh how these make my heart hurt for arizona! beautiful photos. beautiful desert.


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