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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a Good Thing-Christmas Memory Book & the Annual Family Pic

This one's especially for Catie and Pamela and Staci cause they are so young and can start the tradition early!  But so awesome for us all.

So I have this Christmas memory book.  It's one of the things I would grab should my home spontaneously combust, (read-Patch gets over zealous trying to earn his fire-starting boyscout badge.)  I surfed around and found it is still available here for about $20.  It's not really a scrapbook, cause that's just too much work.  It's more like a fill-in-the-blank book.  It's an awesome tool for making family traditions easy.

It has 2 pages for each Christmas and about 25 more open pages, thus 25 years worth of holiday memories.  Each year I put a family photo, usually in the form of the Xmas card we sent out that year, and jot down a little about our Christmas, like who was there and what gifts we gave and received.  Often I have included the kiddos Santa letters.  Over the years it has become a treasure. I look forward each year to putting in this year's memories.  And someday I'll be in "the home" and be able to entertain the nursing staff with decades of my family as it grew.  They're gonna love me so. 

So The Christmas Memory Book is really such a good thing and so easy.  But even without it, make sure you get out there and take an annual family picture each year, even without the book or even if it's after Christmas.  Ask a friend to take it or use your camera's timer.  It doesn't have to be great, just as long as it's done. 

1996.  We look so... rested with only the 2 girls with us.  If we only knew what was in store!  Not sure what I was thinking about that turnicate around Livy's head!

1997--In the phase where we spent several Christmases on the beach in Mexico and also my short hair phase.  We still look so young.  Man I wish I knew what diet I was on!

1999-And the addition of #3. 
Gotta love the "red ensam" we're sporting.  It was all about the  color coordination!

2002-Entering my artistic phase and #4
Notice the black and white photo and artsy-fartsy glasses that I didn't really need.

2007-The year I learned about Photoshop and how to "color-in" my grey hair, not represented here.

2008-Enter #5 and #6. This year's was priceless to me cause it was the first year T&J were with us!  Jujube still had his casts on and Tess, who was was havin' none of this! 
I think she looked like this in 99% of the photos.

2009-Well there's nothing to show you for this year, 'cause my computer has been in the shop for almost a month now.  At first I was like, who really needs the right-hand side of their key board and x's and f's and z's any way?!  But after trying to write a little with no words containing any t's or r's or e's or a's or s's, I gave in and sent it in to get fixed. 
Almost 4 weeks later, I still got nothing but Papa's back-up computer. 

If I had my computer I could show you more reasons this is such a good idea. Like 2002 when Granna was going through chemotherapy, and we all wore bandanas on our heads to distract from who had hair and who didn't.  Or 1992 with just Papa and me sans any kiddos looking SO very young.  I look back on each of these in my Xmas memory book and am reminded of how God has blessed us over the years now turn decades.  It's a good thing.


  1. THIS IS WONDERFUL! I wish I'd read this post 3 years ago for Jane's first Christmas. I really want to do this. Luckily, I think I blogged so I can fill in the gaps... I am so jealous you can do fam pics outside in December.

  2. PS. I am TOTALLY getting those nativity pieces. I love the idea of adding a little bit over time. (or replacing them due to the lovely children). I laughed outloud in that post at the end there...

  3. Staci- I too back tracked several years when I first got our book. It too was a good thing to do and maybe even go back to when you were childless.

  4. this is amazing!! i have been going crazy with trying to figure out how and when and where to record things, and that book looks so easy! especially with a printed Christmas card. thank you for the inspiration!!!

  5. ps. and i love the vintage-y look of it. :)


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