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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hometown-Part 1 In Which God Rolls Out the Red Carpet

We had a quick turn-a-round family trip to the Arizona mountains, to my home town this weekend. It's only a 90 min drive, but due to a very exciting little league tournament game, (I'll talk more about the details later. We're still emotionally recovering!) we got on the road late and drove into Prescott, AZ, just as the sun was setting.  It was a fabulous way to come back home. Like God was rolling out the red carpet for me to come back to my hometown.
Of course Papa wasn't stopping, or even slowing the car down when we were so close to our destination, so I rolled the window down and snapped these as the car went 65MPH.
It started like this...

...and quickly evolved to this...

...the sun finally set like this...

...and it gloriously ended like this.

Most of the time the Lord speaks softly. And occasionally He needs to hollar. But every once in a while, if I listen carefully, He speaks in the heart of a soccer mom who is in a SUV headed home, loaded to the brim with kiddos, going 65 MPH, through an astonishing Arizona sunset.

Gotta love those little ordinary miracles. If you're not careful you'll miss 'em.


  1. Very lovely. I need these glimpses of beauty in my crazy life! We live on top of a hill and often see glorious sunsets over the wheat field across the road from us. I need to slow down and watch them more often. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. I am loving the picture of Sunny holding T in the front pack and her gloves are way TOO big. She's so precious. I look at her and am always reminded of my big girl, that is too so little. I bet she will grow up to be like a stick of dynamite too-small but packed with a big bang! I am always shocked at how God opens are hearts and makes room for each little one that is added to our big families-I just adore those two babies of yours! My heart is way bigger than my fist, filled with love for all our kiddos :o)


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