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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Goose Egg Wrapped in Extreme Cuteness

Please indulge me... I can't help myself!

Obviously, there was an "incident" resulting in this ghastly goose egg.  Said egg took 3 days to reach its maximum ripeness.  But I think we have a winner!
At first look, my friend thought Jujube got a hold of a Sharpie and colored his forehead.  Nope.  But how cute is he complete with his goose egg? 

About 15 months ago when we picked Jujube up from the orphanage, we were told that he was a favorite among orphanage staff and the orphanage's director.  The last picture on this post is of the two of them together. It's here. I can almost taste the love in that photo and am so grateful that 12 year old Livy was able to capture it. 
The orphanage director, a man I will behold forever for cherishing my son before I could, rounded the doorway of that very hot and sticky little room, and was holding this beautiful baby boy.  He held my little man in those surreal moments before this little one was placed in my arms and became my son.  He held my son so closely and showered him with love and tenderness and kisses.  And then he walked over to me and placed my little man, my son, in my arms.  Those moments are both surreal and forever imprinted in my memory and my soul. 
That sweet baby, my son, became mine forever right at that instant.  But he didn't know me from Adam and was so so scared. In that moment my heart grew, but in that same moment Jujube went from fear to terror.  Since then the only other times I've seen this reaction from him, is when he wakes from nightmares. 
People and babies deal with adversity differently. In hind sight, I can see why Jujube, my little man, was a favorite in the orphanage. He is charmer and full of personality. I believe that he demanded and got something that was in short supply at the orphanage, attention. He'll still do most anything to get what he wants, which is usually just beam his smile in my direction. It doesn't take much to make me crumble.
Flash forward 15 months, and there's a goose egg that would make any mama cringe.  Jujube is growing into a typical boy.  Due to his special needs, his feet and balance are still wobbly, and thus he's accident prone.  Now, I'm not trying to shirk my responsibilities to protect his precious noggin, but it just is so.  He topples a lot and gets hurt sometimes.  OK, maybe I am trying to make myself feel better!  Anyone have some anti-anxiety meds I can have?

He can be so naughty while simultaneously looking me dead in the eye with a huge grin.  He enjoys a little bit of danger, but if he gets hurt, he will quickly run back to my arms for a quick, "kiss to make it all better."  He likes cars and balls and any type of bat or club.  That tongue sure does help him concentrate!
And cause you usually don't see one without the other, here's Tess too.  She came into Papa's arms that day, in the same sweaty room and at that very same moment.
Now if I could just hold on to them a bit tighter and prevent more of those pesky goose eggs!


  1. I never thought a goose egg could be so darling and handsome and absolutely breath-taking and Tess...well what can I say. Linhsey saw her pic and said, " Hey! That looks like me!" : )

  2. Norah! I can't tell you how my heart skipped when you wrote that L thought she looked like Tess! Wow! Tess is too little for this to mean much, but it sounds like L is starting to "get it."
    Or maybe it's just the piggietails?!

  3. Oh, poor baby. It is amazing how those eggs can literally happen right under your feet and there's nothing to be done to prevent it. I'm still feeling horrible over the arm incident here! He is so stinkin' cute, and she is just breathtakingingly(sp??) gorgeous.


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