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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa Claus,

I've been a perfect girl this year.  And I'd like many many things.
Like lots and lots of cousins playing together.
And decorating Christmas cookies...
And eating them of course!
I'd like a 13-year-old beauty who will still humor her mama and play along...
I'd like little ones who are ever so patient waiting to sit on your lap...
but know eventually it'll be their turn.
I'd like to be a mama that can take a swift right hook...
...then simultaneously wrangle a fussy toddler, put a 7-year-old in a choke hold, and still maintain a conversation!
I'd like smooshable kissable babies...
...and a mama for each to hold them tight.
And LOTS of sticky candy canes...
And granddaughters that eventually grow taller than their grandmothers!

Merry Christmas all!  May you get all the things on your wish list.  I got all mine!


  1. Geesh! What a seriously great looking family. You all belong in a magazine!

  2. I agree Norah - beautiful family - looks as if your Christmas was wonderful Nancy. The photos of the desert also are stunning - are there a lot of rattlesnakes? Just had to ask - hehe - I don't like snakes, but would love to visit the desert SW someday. :) Happy New Year!

  3. Christina- Yes the critters and the rattlesnakes are out there, but they generally don't like the people. I've never come across one on the trails. But there sure are tales of them coming in garages or under porches. Black widows, yes! And those pesky bears in the mountains that I keep running into!


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