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Friday, December 18, 2009

Crazy 8 Highlights-Goose Egg

  • Evolution of a goose egg--
  • It has now progressed to 2 black eyes and the nastiest bruise!  Doc says it may take over 6 weeks to heal.  Ouch!   It has been amazing to see how it changes daily.  The bruise on his sweet noggin has made me hypersensitive to Jujube's lack of balance and just how accident prone he is.  Even though he graduated from physical therapy 4 months ago, we'll be getting a review to see if we should start up again.  That would have me back up to 6 therapy sessions a week.  I'm tired already.
  • I'm SO naughty sometimes!  Might be coal in my stocking this year.  When out and about, a question I get often re T&J is, "Are they twins?"  I've explained to you before that I usually say no and that leads to more questions and then I have to stop and explain.  Sometimes I just say yes and keep walking if I'm in a hurry 'cause really, do I have 10 minutes, at least 1 or 2 times EACH time I go out to through it all?  It adds up with two very-short-attention spanned toddlers in the cart!  So a couple days ago a very nice well-meaning lady asked me if they were twins, and I replied...  "No.  A few years ago my husband did a lot of business in Asia.  Well, no man is without sin, and one thing led to another.  We're just so thankful that he contained his indiscretions to a single continent."  I said it all with a straight face.  Her reply was, "Oh, so he worked in Asia.  How interesting."  Gotta be impressed that she had a reply that avoided the obvious elephant in the room! 
  • Today I'm just so exhausted.  Tired.  Pooped.  A phone call from a teacher and not a good one.  I stumbled upon an indiscretion that snowballed.  The answers when they were little were so easy, like don't eat dirt and make sure you say please and thank you, but parenting teenagers is really not so clear cut and is wearing me thin.  2 therapy sessions, piano lessons, and a doc appt that ran an hour late today.  Bushed.  Totally tuckered out.  A fifth grade paper that went till 9:30pm.  I heard a report that AZ is one of the slowest and last states to show any recovery from the economic downturn.  This I knew already cause this family is still feeling it every single day and trying to keep our heads above water.  3 of the kiddos have a trip to the dentist in the next couple days, and that always hurts.  Drained.  Dead-beat-tired.  AMAZINGLY dinner was on the table at 5:30 and even my laundry is caught up, and I'm not even excited. 
  • Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of Crazy 8s including "carnage at Bethlehem."   It's intense!


  1. if you have laundry caught up for 8people i have no excuse whatsoever.

    just reading about all those doctor and therapy appointments makes my head spin.

    you're a rockstar.

  2. I don't know how you do it, You are an amazing women!!!

  3. I only have one child and I am tired it seems all the time. You ARE super mom! The response you gave to the lady about your children being twins....I would not have the presence of mind like you did. Too funny.


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