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Friday, December 4, 2009

Cousins or Girlfriends?

Junebug, my niece, age 3 and Tess, my daughter, age 2

Hmmmmm... I wonder what they're gabbing about!

"Did you see that dress she was wearing? She didn't even have on a diaper cover!"
"And then she said she was going to ask him over for graham crackers and juice!"
"What are you going to wear to the dance?"
"So what's that Ebony and Ivory song all about anyway?"

"You're the best friend a toddler could ever ask for!  And I really mean that!"
"Pssssst, Tess.  You're diaper is slipping out of your skort!"
"Do you think verticle stipes make me look fat?"

I guess no matter what age, men are always relagated to the sidelines of girl talk.
"Ya, my mom made my brother and me wear matching turtlenecks!"
Jujube thinking to himself... "That's hot!"


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