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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wonderful Tradition

I talked about Grammy here.  She is one of the best women there is.  I'm so lucky to have her as a role model.  Grammy has a tradition of making a quilt for each of her grandbabies.
Yes, she's also the kind of mom that makes clam chowder on snow days and will drop everything and drive in her car 4 hours if you need her.  She's just that kind of gal.  The kind of woman I want to be when I grow up.

When she came for Thanksgiving this year, she came bearing gifts, Tess and Jujube's quilts.
This one is Jujube's, complete with matching throw pillow!  I think Grammy got sick of looking at the Asian Pezz people black fabric that I picked out, but she never let on.  I love the bright colors, but it's still kinda macho-ish for a studly boy like Jujube.

Grammy says this is all you get to see of her before she's had time for makeup!  I tried to bribe her with soft-focus, but she wouldn't budge!  Gotta love how Jujube followed suit.

And this is Tess's quilt.  The main fabric is so retro and so sweet!

It's a wonderful tradition, and as the kiddos grow, and their quilt shows the effects of years of love, the kiddos start to appreciate them.  16 years later, Sunny's quilt is quite tattered around the edges.  That's a lot of lovin'.  Hopefully I will have many years yet before I will have to make a quilt for my grandbaby.  Cause I don't know nothin' bout quilting!

From the bottom up are each of their quilts double folded to see the fabrics better,  Sunny's in bold colors with turquoise and hot pink, Livy's in muted tones of reds and beiges 'cause I was probalby sick on the bold colors, Patch's with a sun and moon theme cause it was all about "themes" in the late 90's, Boo's with cowboys and Indians, Jude's and lastly Tess's.

Thank you, Grammy!


  1. Gorgeous! How long does it take her to make these?

  2. Norah-
    I'm not sure how long it takes, and I'm really afraid to figure it out. Mama guilt as I'm SURE it many many many hours. She frets over finding just the right fabrics. But I did give her the main fabric probably about a year ago. So maybe 6 months each??? I just think each one is so unique and gorgeous!


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