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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am thankful...

...for my life as a mother and wife  ('member when I was talking about making sure that all you mama's should be sure and get lots of pictures of yourself, for you kiddos?  It's here.  Look!  I didn't want to, but I did it!  But I still insisted on soft focus!  My aunt took this picture and several of the ones below.)

...and my parents surrounded by all their grandchildren at once, and they can still be silly.

...and Uncle Paddy, who is probably my favorite.  But he's probably everyone's favorite!  Some people are just like that.  He inspires me to feel the world with more depth and breath.

...and Aunt Sugar, whose laugh fills a room with joy.  And Uncle John who is Tess's new BFF.

...and a father and his daughter.  My brother and his daughter.

... for my Papa that can tell a story like no one else can.

He is Grandpapa to Jujube. He used to make me laugh with the world's best mustache and now does the same with Jujube!

...And June Bug, my neice.  Who giggled and squealed and wonderfully fit right in with the crazy kiddos.

... and for them.

... and him

... and her.  The eyelashes made me do it!  These eyelashes can make anyone do anything!

...and her.

...and him. brother and his family.  How cute are they in front of their VW bus?  That's the kind of car I could call home.  Wait a minute... that's the kind of car I did call home!

... and for them and that they have each other and will always know that there is one more person right there that knows just what's it's like, and where you come from.

...for my grandparents who aren't with us this year.  We got out of the boxes of my grandmother's Christmas decorations, spread them out, and divvied them up among family.  See that Mr. and Mrs. Clause?  For decades they sat in my Grandmother's kitchen each Christmas season. Now they are in my kitchen.  It is hard for me to imagine these treasures not all together in one place anymore.  I am thankful for all the Thanksgivings and Easters and Christmases that I did have with my Grandmother.

And this is my GrandDaddy's 70-year-old navy uniform.   Petty Officer 3rd Class, WWII Navigator.  It now fits Patch.   I am thankful for my GrandDaddy's dedication to his country when he was so very young himself.

So many things to be thankful for.  I'm a very lucky girl!


  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful photos. The eyelashes... I'll do anything! What does she want? It's hers. Oh my! What can I say about those eyelashes? I never thought I would be jealous of eyelashes. That's a new one. But I am. : )

  2. Tess is gorgeous in her red ao dai. I just pulled Beatrice's same one out of the attic. I 'd planned to have her wear it on her next birthday but I looked it over and it looked like it would fit right now so it has become her Christmas outfit. That brilliant red is pretty hard to capture. Great photos, as always.

  3. these photos are incredible! amazing! i would do anything for a photo of my family in front of our vw bus just like you created here. i mean, if we had a vw bus. :)


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