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Monday, November 16, 2009

Griswold family does the State Fair-Part III-Photo Dregs

Need I say more?
Here are my sweeties entertaining me, pretending that the ride is spinning around.  They're too too funny!
Does everyone have an affinity for the tilt-a-whirl or is it just me?  Those upside down, loud music, crazy rides just aren't for me.  Call me old school.  Call me Trudy or Madge.  Call me a lover of the tilt-a-whirl.
I remember riding this ride with Grammy at our small county fair every chance we had.  We still do it.  It is her favorite ride.  Now it's my favorite too.

Out of order, Tess did manage a nap during the day, on my back.  My Ergo baby carrier was well used in VeitNam, and it is still my favorite baby carrier.  It is so comfortable for me, and judging by the looks of it, it's pretty comfortable for her too.  Then you can pull up that little hood that covers up her head, and more importantly the hood keeps her head from flopping around while she's sleeping.

Livy, who was born with an artistic eye and my photography protégé, wants me to be sure and say that the above pics of Tess napping and the one below of the pigeon are her's.  Gotta give credit where it's due!
That's my girl!  Takin' these pics!  That's awesome!  Oh no, I'm dating myself.  I mean that's hot!  Still dated.  I mean that's tight!  Nope.  That's huge!  Still wrong.  That's clutch!  Finally got it.  (Sunny says "clutch" is the new "huge."  I think that means that "clutch" is the new "rad" which is probably is the the old "awesome."  Picture my eyeballs glazed over at this point.  It's hard getting old.)

Can't leave out this one!  This is funny stuff and a not so subtle reminder to not consume all your favorite fair foods.  This picture makes me giggle!  Maybe that's wrong, or at a bare minimum, warped, 'cause my bum would easily fit in amongst these!  Still giggling though.
Here are 3 of the kiddos at 10 o'clock.  Boo is in the middle.  Not sure he's really having fun!
But he sure is smiling when he gets off!
And we can't leave the fair without one last treat on a stick.  This time it's chocolate-covered bananas.  I kept thinking after all the crapolla they've eaten today, at least they had a little fruit.

Good bye state fair!  See you next year!

PS- I just realized that in the above bum picture, the 4th fat bum from the left is wearing a fanny pack in the front!  Nothing says I'm getting older so check out my wide bum, like a fanny pack on top of a poly-blend floral blouse.  Who's scrolling up now?  Now I've gone from giggle to full laugh.  Warped I know.  I do love the fair!


  1. Hi, just found your blog. Wanted to de-lurk. I am a waiting-for-referral adoptive and bio mom, and really am inspired by your photography. Lovely work. And that Sandwich down there looks amazing. I don't know where I'd find all that stuff, but since I live near Boston I am sure it exists... Thanks for sharing, and feel free to come visit our blog too. :)

  2. I am in tears at the bum picture, that is hysterical. Really funny because I see myself being that bum someone else is taking a picture of-HILARIOUS. Oh to have my 18 year old bum back would be nice :o)


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