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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crazy 8 Highlights--Growing Girls

  • I'm so so excited!  We booked our hotel for Disneyland for early February!  Now we can begin the tradition of talking about 1 ride at dinner each night before our trip.  Boo only remembers little snippets of our last trip there over 3 years ago.  He remembers being scared stiff at Pirates of Care-bean, but doesn't remember the ride.  Ooooo, I'm so excited!  We'll be driving over, so hopefully the trip there, and more importantly the trip back, will be smooth. The cost of admission tickets is so so much that I start to cry when I think about it.  Really.  Then thanks to Sherri, I found this link-  Starting Jan 1, 2010, they provide volunteer opportunities in your community.  If you volunteer a day, then you get a voucher for a free 1 day Disney admission ticket!  Not sure it will pan out, 'cause it just sounds too good to be true.  But we're gonna give it a go.  Fingers crossed!
  • Oh my... when did this happen?  Notice the introduction of eye makeup. Livy on being Livy.
  • Oh my my my!  When did this happen?!    Notice the introduction of everything else!  Sunny on being it all!
  • Not sure you recall the story about Boo with Grace.  It's here.   But last night he said the cutest thing.  We were listening to Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace, (which by the way still makes me cry everytime I hear it!) and you could just see Boo's wheels turning as he listened to the lyrics.  Finally he said to me complete with stars in his eyes, "Mom, my Grace IS amazing!"  Ok, so at 7, he missed the whole inspiration message of the song, but really it was so sweet and cute that I couldn't help passing it on.  Can you just imagine him thinking that there was this whole song written about "his" Grace.
  • The oranges are coming!  The oranges are coming!  They're not ready yet, but soon.  God blesses us abundantly once again.  Who in their right mind planted 2 orange trees on this property!  That's enough oranges to feed small battalion. 
  • On a serious note, Tim and I recently rented the movie Born into Brothels, an documentary we'd wanted to see for a long time.  It's a huge winner of many awards and SO good.  It's a documentary about several boys and girls, children of Indian prostitutes, growing up in the midst of Calcutta brothels.  An American photographer teaches them photography, and they document their world through incredible images.  Some of their photos are funny, some sweet, some disturbing.  Tim and I did find ourselves laughing at the "universality" of children the world 'round and how innocent they can be and have fun even in the midst of chaos.  We both came away from the film with this urge to do more in some way.  To do anything to make this world just a little better for even just one soul.  I would serious encourage ya'll to rent it.  Maybe just sit back and enjoy the photography, or the antics of 10 year olds who see the ocean for the first time, or see how a culture so removed from our own lives this very moment while I sip my iced latte.   It hopes it at least leaves everyone with a realization that this world is far vaster than their neighborhoods.  


  1. this is already on my netflix cue, can't wait to see it. you have oranges. that means it's warm where you live. i am very very envious.

  2. My family would be in heaven with those orange trees. Awesome pics as usual !

  3. i'm putting a hold on that documentary at the library now!


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