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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Boo with Grace

Boo obviously had something on his mind when he came home from school yesterday.

Mom, I made a new friend today!  Guess what kind?
     Is it a friend that's a girl?
     Is she a friend like John or Lucas?
     Is it a girlfriend?
Yes!  And her name is Grace! 
And guess what we did?  It starts with an H.  Guess!
     Did you help her? 
No, MOM!  
 It's something with two people that you can DO!
     Did you push her on the swing and make her go higher?  (I was having too much fun at this point!)
No!  I   H. U. D.ed her!
NO!  I  H. U. G.ed her!  (Picture HUGE beaming smile spread across the entire face of the cutest 1st grader ever!)
     Now tell me how this happened, Boo.
We were just in line, and she smiled at me, and then she just started hugging me, and I started hugging her!
     Is that allowed? 
     Is she cute?
Ya!  She has brown eyes, brown hair, she wears pink a lot, and now that's my favorite color!  And she gives hugs! 

(Sunny is VERY impressed that Boo noticed her eye color!)

I love being a mom. This is exactly what I had in mind.


  1. Hello!
    i just found your blog yesterday, and today, I, at work, spent all morning, finishing reading your blog, from 02/2008 to the present. I am so much enjoying your writing, your family stories, adventures, and all your photography, cooking, parenting talents, and your true God Miracle adopted little ones. I am living in California, and I love reading about VN adoption journals, so glad I found your blog, it warms my heart, soothing my soul, fill me with laughters, by reading, and seeing all the lovely pictures of your beautiful family.
    Please keep on blogging, with all your busy activities, I admire how you able to find time to blog so eloquently.
    Much apreciations.
    Mimi Lam.

    Thursday, November 05, 2009 1:25:00 PM

  2. Ditto for what Mimi said! :) Loved this post - young love - ain't it grand? Any little girl would be lucky to have this young man for her boyfriend!


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