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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Series of Saguaros

Anyone care to see the desert in these parts?  Not sure you all care much 'bout our desert or want to see it. It really is so beautiful in a dry dead way. Sometimes I crave those lush green dark forrests that I see in pictures. The kind you all get ticks from. But I was born in the desert, and it's beautiful, and it's home. The desert has all sorts of varmets and life and connectedness of the plants and animals and water and earth. That's neat stuff.

For my non-desert dwelling friends, here's a piece of it-

Saguaro (pronounced Su war roh) is a tree-sized cactus that is native to the southern part of Arizona and northern desert regions of Mexico.  Got lots of them in these parts, including a big one in our back yard.  With all those chillins romping around it's admittedly a strange choice for residential landscaping.  Never think there is much special to 'em...  till my non-desert dwelling friends come to visit and say, "Is that a Sag-U-Ar-O Tree by the pool?"  Wierd things can be like that when you grow up among them.  They say it takes 75 years for a saguaro to start growing its first arm and can live up to 150+ years.  That's a long time. 

The dessert is scortchingly dry this time of year, and not at its prettiest.  Lots of dry and brittle brush.  In the spring it pops alive with color and the earth turns green.  The cacti bloom with flowers where you'd least expect them.  Can't wait till then to get out there and take more pics of it all.  Till then... saguaros.

My Back Yard Saguaro

Dead Sagauro

Background Bokeh Saguaro
Framed Saguaro

City-View at Sunset Saguaros

Baby Saguaro

Close-up Saguaro

Sentry Saguaro

Bird House Saguaro

Residential Saguaro
It's so weird when folks transplant Saguaros to their houses. 
Right there next to the fire hydrant!  Seems wrong!

Desert at the Bottom of the Saguaro

Old Saguaro

Stereo-Typical Saguaros
Boo wanted me to do that one!

Any of ya'll expecting to see John Wayne come over top that mesa way yonder, ridin' his trusy steed?  Or expecting the injuns to over run our camp and take the women folk?  (That's really not pc.  sorry)

Now that you've humored me, you all can go back to your high rise buildings, black Lincoln car driving, Starbucks drinkin', noisey east coast cities.  Just kidding!  Gotta go.  I've gotta go feed my gila monster and hitch up the wagon.


  1. Have I told you how much I enjoy your blog? Very cool and I had no idea they were so BIG/TALL!

  2. We miss cacti. My hubby is from NM. It is in his blood.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. these are so beautiful! my heart aches for the desert. so glad you are savoring it.


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