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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Park Day

Hey Tess... are you excited?
We're going to the park!  And by the way... that's a lot of drool you got there!  You're mother should wipe that off!

Let's start with Patch immediately, within 15 seconds, before I had even gotten the car unloaded, used playground equipment in a way that would lead to the biggest injury!  Parental gross negligence!
Can you see the other park mommies looking at me at this point, as I wander in with 2 toddlers, one under each arm pit and 2 more kiddos tagging behind, wondering what looney mom would let her child come so close to a certain head injury?  Whisking away their toddlers lest they get any ideas?  Or get landed on? Let's see them try to keep Patch firmly planted on terra firma!  I've tried!  There are trees everywhere I look!  Patch's opposable toes are super natural and made of velcro enabling him to launch his nimble body up dangerous towering objects before ANY rational adult can stop him.  And yes, he did walk across!
Thanks you Lord for boys to keep me on my toes!
Eh tu, Brute?  Surely Tess hasn't picked up on Patch's dangerous habits, right?  She doesn't intend to scale this 6' rock wall?  There are stairs just a couple yards down!  This isn't good for my blood pressure!
Never mind.  I'm once again defeated.  I guess opposable velcro toes runs in our family! 

Slides are surely a perfectly safe alternative, right?
Boo, you're looking so sweet and brotherly and innocent!
That's more like it.

Jujube went down the slide no less than 490 times and had this humongous smile every single time. Tess was just trying to hang on!
Hey, let's change into bathing suits and get wet!
Tess is thinking this is a good idea.
Pause a moment for another service announcement, more like a desert rat apology actually... It is now approaching the time of year that you all that live in say... Ohio, Colorado, or Connecticut start to get out your sweaters, acknowledge your snow shovels, and mentally prime yourself for months of winter hibernation.  This is exactly the time of year that we who live in the desert come out of our air-conditioned homes after a several months of scorching hot weather.  We reintroduce ourselves to our neighbors, plant flowers, and open our windows.  And we really like to show you all lovely pictures with grass and flowers and shorts and flip-flops...  just to make ourselves feel better.  It's sad, but true, that we purposefully rub in our perfect weather till at least mid May, to cleanse our memories of those 3-4 horrid hot summer months.  I'm sorry it has to be this way, but it is what it is.

Livy relaxes and takes it all in.  After all being 13 is tough work.  There's all that monitoring to do, and making share everything is fair.  Then she might even practice her eye rolling, or rather just looking pretty in blue.
Tess requires accessories... be a diva.

The boys bask in the sun like lizards!  I love lizards!  Especially all those tail-less ones I keep seeing all over our yard.  Boo swears they grow back quickly!
Those toes don't look so super-natural after all!  They're quite deceiving!

We missed Sunny who had a school event, but had a great morning at the park!


  1. Phenomenal photos! The one of Tess's flower in her hair should be entered in a contest. And, oh, those teeth! It's apparent that the months of physical therapy certainly HAVE paid off when you look at those kids go. And thanks for rubbing in the weather report. We actually had a beautiful 75-degree day yesterday, and October is one of my favorite months. November through March in CT however? Those are a different story!

  2. Apology accepted for the weather...hehehe. Love the pics.


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