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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Sunset Photo Session Part II

Everyone who comes over to our house gets a little infected by the "crazy virus." Melissa was no excpetion when  she came over for pictures.  Maybe it was the 95 degree October heat.  Or maybe it was reminissing about how our own well-meaning parents encouraged us to play with lawn darts.  Or perhaps Melissa's blue hair her junior year of high school.  She was so cool!  I was a band geek.  Or maybe it was just fact that it was Thursday.
What ever it was, we decided to let our children play in the street.  I'm cringing even as I write this.  It's wrong I know.  But it seemed the right thing to do!
The sprinklers at the neighbor's house were broken and water was filling the street.  It was really more than they could resist!  That kind of thing is ok in the city... right?  City folk play in the street, right?  I saw it on Sesame Street once.  It must me be so!
Maybe 95 degrees in the fall justifies letting your kids play in the street?  Throw me a bone! 
Maybe I should have been on the lookout for cars instead of taking pictures.
But the sun slowly set, and we had a great time splashing around!
No children were harmed druing the photographing of this blog post.


  1. I'm just lovin' these! Love the reflections.

  2. I let my kids play in the street every chance they get....and I dont feel even remotly sorry about it!!!


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