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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I'm NOT a morning person.  Yesterday morning at 5:30am, before it was light outside, I begrudgingly pulled my body out of bed and literally stumbled with my eyes half-closed to the shower.  I amazingly made my way past the leggos and bath toys and a towel recently and covertly adorned with hot-pink fingernail polish that someone had crumbled up and tossed on the floor.  So we have a bench in our shower, and I like to sit there for a moment in the morn, with the water drizzling on me, and wake up just a bit before anyone else is.  So that's when it happened... I sat down on a golf ball, about a dozen golf balls actually.  Why are there dozens of golf balls in my shower at 5:30am?  And all over the floor, making it oh so easy to fall when one has to stand so suddenly?

My first inclination is to rip the arms off of all golfers in our house.  Maybe pelt their armless trunks with their own golf balls!  It's the hot tempered Irish blood in me. 

But then I think of this

You know that sound your kids make when they laugh? That wreckless, abondonded laughter?  Does it get better than that? 
You just know she's laughing at the thought of me and all those golf balls in shower at dark-o'clock in the morning!  Ok, Tess, so it's funny!  OK!


  1. What a great picture of Tess; it truly captures laughter.



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