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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Each year I feel like the worst mama in the world, but Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.  It's a lotta work for candy you could just go out and buy.  4th of July and Thanksgiving are my favorites.  Each year I have to prep myself to get in the Halloween spirit and at a minimum fool the kiddos in to believing that I like this holiday.  This year I was off to a good start and had the decorations done the first week of October.  Whew!  Costuming 6 kiddos is daunting.  I hurts, but now I begrudgingly just let the kids pick a store bought costume, and the used kid's clothing stores always have great deals.  Wonderfully this year many of my kids were excited and happy with their sibling's hand-my-downs from years past. 

Boo and our neighbor prepare to fight evil.  Or perhaps they ARE evil?  It's a bit of a mixed message Boo has going there with the Superman, monster mask, red-diaper wearing, costume.  So what's with that red Superman diaper anyway?

Patch went through the garage to get his catcher's gear on. 
The big girls made a humble attempt to dress up.  Truth be told, Sunny decided that a costume was in order only hours before nightfall.  So Granna took her out shopping, and she came home with this cute t-shirt declaring she was a hippy.  Call me naive, but that just may have possibly have been a ploy to go shopping.  Hmmmmm  Livy used a hand-me-down costume of Sunny's, Little Red Riding Hood sans hood. 

This was T&J's first experiece with Halloween.  Last year they had only been home a little over a month, were only 14 months old, and were too scared.  And I kinda believe that kiddos should be walking to get candy.  This year, I must admit, I had so so much fun taking them up and down our street.  They were a hoot to watch.  I checked the thermometer when we went out, and at 66 degrees the costumes for T&J were a little too warm. 

Jujube, complete with a proverbial "monkey on his back."
They quickly figured out it was all about candy. You could see it in their eyes. 
"They're just GIVING this stuff away!"

They started off towards each new house with excitement and a gleeful trot. But as we drew near the next home and the unfamiliar door way, Jujube slowed and eventually stopped short of the doorway. Only with Papa's hand would he approach the door. 
Tess, who's never met a stranger, had no problems approaching strangers to rid them of their chocolates.  She ran ahead and tried to let herself into several houses.  She met each person with, "Hi!"

They hit about 12 houses.  Then back home to appraise their ill-gotten booty.  Or is that a ill-booten gotty?
Anyone remember all that crap candy that we got when we were younger?  Those big orange peanut shaped things that weren't even wrapped?  Or that pink-white-brown, celephance-wrapped cube?  Now-a-days we pick out the Almond Joy's, and the rest is a usually great combination of chocolates and fruit pectins.  Papa ususally sneaks out all the Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, and I have a weakness for Whoppers and Dots.   I also subscribe to the theory that the more candy the kiddos eat tonight, the less we'll have to deal with in the comming weeks.  A couple of the kiddos went to bed a little green around the gills. 

Happy Halloween all!  I hope you had far more treats that tricks!


  1. Looks as though you had a lot of fun. Those costumes are adorable on the little ones. I agree with you so much - Halloween is definitely over-rated. At least for some parents out there. lol

  2. I got dibs on the monkey costume for Payne next year, that is adorable! I too am loking forward to the "good" holiday's, but I enjoy watching the kids excitement and joy on Halloween! Realy it is just one more time we get to do something together as a family...


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