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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Every girl needs a mama to teach her how to curl her eyelashes.  And love bunny rabbits (first at Friendly Pines) rather than just help skin them.  And how to shop for clothing... then not buy anything.  

How to make a room pretty even with lots of prehistoric artifacts.  And appreciate Rock Hudson, Katharine Hepburn, and Spenser Tracey.  And sew new curtains for the living room every so often or paint for a new look on a budget.  And how to get just the right hair cut.

And every girl needs a mama to bring home a puppy.  And find a new Big Spot.  And make her birthday cakes and plan her birthday parites.  And put up with one parakeet after another after another after another.  And make a wicked witch costume out of a sheet.  And listen to flute recitals.  And say, "Ooooo!  Smell this!"  

And help her get dressed and pretty then hug her when no one asks her to dance at her first dance. 

And make a 18th-birthday picnic basket and hand it off to her boyfriend.  And figure out the controversial guest list at her wedding.  And help her move when she's 9 months pregnant.  And hold her babies moments after they're born.  And later wax each others upper lips!  And STILL take my phones calls asking for advice. 

Grammy and Grandpapa came to visit last weekend.  Of course Grammy had a special project planned for the kiddos.  I always want to tell Grammy and Grandpapa to visit every weekend.  Some things, or rather feelings, Freudian or not, never change.  Like how you feel when your with your parents.

And now to see my own children with my parents, now grandparents, and step back and see it all through more experieced eyes, makes me want to slow the Earth down.  Stop it from turning so quickly to have more time to soak it all in.

And there are things I knew then, but appreciate more now that I am a parent myself... like how much parents love their children and would give for them.  And how it doesn't matter at all if your child came from your womb or not. 

Thank you Grammy! I LOVE you!

PS-Tess, in her highchair, fails to appreciate any of the excitement.


  1. Yup, Grammy is one of my favorite people in the whole world too, and my inspiration as I become a grammy soon. Thanks for the link. Beautiful blog, beautiful children.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Great pictures.... they tell a story of their own!


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