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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy 8 Highlights--Lamp Gum

  • I found "lamp gum" this weekend. No, that's not a typo. You know... lamp gum! Apparently "someone" was done chewing their gum and stuck it to the lamp in our family room. I'm strangely perplexed by my conflicting feelings regarding "lamp gum." On one hand, how dare anyone disregard their family members and stick chewed up spitty gum on a lamp! Ewwwww! That's disgusting and a total disregard for our home! On the other hand, that's so awesome that they didn't just toss it on the floor in the carpeting. That stuff NEVER comes out, and I appreciate it being left in a safe out of the way place even though it should have been placed in the trash. Benefit-of-the-doubt mom, thinks perhaps "someone" was thinking of reusing his/her gum to reduce his/her carbon foot print. Hmmmmm... lots to consider with lamp gum! Who woulda thunk?

  • Aunt Marite and Aunt Nancy and cousins-- I hear there's a little shin-dig is SoCal in 2010?  We are in dire need of a vacation and SO we will ALL be there with bells on.  May try to hit Dland too if we can save up our "egg money" for the tix.  Can't wait to see you all!  6 hours in a car with 6 kids, including two 2-year-olds???? You better have some lithium waiting for me when we get there!  Or at least a glass of wine.

  • Dumb things people say-
                      Are those your children? (referring to Tess and Jujube)
                      Yes they are.
                      They're going to be great piano players! All the Asians are!
                      I've gotten variations of this comment several times over the last year.  Again refering to 
                      T&J--     Do you have trouble finding Vietnamese food for them to eat? Or do
                       they eat American  food too?   Really?  They were 12 months old and had                          
                      only had formula when we got them.  Mac-n-cheese and beanie-weenies go down just fine!
  • Patch, in 5th grade, was having a particularly bad homework day recently. I try my best to not get sucked into Patch's vortex of Homework Hell when he has days like this, or he feeds off my energy, and before you know it we have a "situation" on our hands. During his spiral downward, he declared and repeated and then yelled, many times, that he was going to run away. I know he was just trying to get a rise out of me. I selectively ignored his outbursts, and sure enough he took off. Thinking no one was watching him, he went in the front yard and scuttled up the big ash tree in our front yard, barefoot... WAY up, about 40 feet. At least I knew where he was. He was pretty hot under the collar at this point and Papa was due home in about 30 min, so I let him stay there. He needed a break and some fresh air anyway. Papa talked him down easily, and he came in, had some dinner, and finished his homework. Score? Parenting-1 11-year-old temper tantrum-0
  • Recently I've been thinking a lot about the joys of parenting both older and younger children at the same time.  Sunny and Livy and Patch are stepping it up.  Papa and I are very intentional about not wanted our bigger kiddos to do OUR job and parent or be care givers to the littler ones, but rather just enjoy being siblings.  Then when the bigger ones do choose to read them a book, or load them in their car seats, or make them lunch, it is out of love rather than obligation.  T&J, now 2 years old, and Boo, now 7, have finally figured out how to "play" with one another and Boo is so happy to have a baby brother and sister follow him around and copy his every move.  A mama of 6 again counts her blessings.  (Gotta love the light skin/dark skin in this pic!)
  • If you consider manners and social graces important, or are perhaps of a delicate constitution, skip this bullet point now---(fair warning to Aunt Nancy and my mother-in-law)----Maybe Heather can answer this one with her experience with her twins that are just a bit older than my sweeties. --- Are twins tandem poopers? T&J, although not regular, are in sync with one another! Not dinner conversation I know, but this is a blog, not dinner. I'm amazed and strangely fascinated by their ability to coordinate their bowels with one another! My father's hard-earned money spent on years of my college education is reduced to conversations about poo. It's sad, I know.  


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  3. Sometimes all 3 of my kids need to go at the same time. Guess we are thankful for all of our bathrooms ....: ) Ummm, the poo made me forget what my real comment was going to be Oh yeah, cool lamp gum. Did you ask who it belonged to? And stupid comments, let's see, while checking out at the grocery store a man asked me which aisle I found my girls. True story. LOL

  4. Very excited to read that we will be seeing all of you in February!!!

  5. i can't believe people would ask you those questions! or, maybe, i can. how do you respond?!

    as always, love your photos. <3


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