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Friday, October 16, 2009

Airplane Hunter

If you could look inside Jujube's head, you'd hear this commentary regarding his obsession with airplanes and constantly searching the skies for them.

Hey Mama, there's important work to be done!  Can we go on an airplane hunt?

I'll sit here and look cute... and look for airplanes, of course!

Do you see any yet? 

I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

Oh look!  There's one!  I see it!

And another airplane over there too!

Do you see it Mama? This is SO wonderful!

Hi people on the airplane! 
(Yes, he really waves to the people on airplanes!  That's just too stinkin' cute!)

Did you see it Mama? 
I was like hi there airplane people.  And they were like hi there cutie putootie!  And I was like I love searching for airplanes so much!  And they were like you're the cutest airplane hunter ever! 

What could be better than that?  Oh yea!  Papa flying me in the air, like an airplane!

Oh my!  My heart can harly stand it!   How stereo-typically and wonderfully boy of him. 
Jujube LOVES his airplanes!


  1. Not sure if I can handle that much cuteness in one post. You should put up a warning or something! : )

  2. Adorable post. We have a little 22-month-old girl who loves airplanes also. Her and Jude will have to swap airplane hunting stories someday. If Emma just hears an airplane drone she will hunt the skies until she spots it and then do the sign for airplane and add sound effects.


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