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Sunday, September 6, 2009

When the boy becomes a man...

Happy birthday wonderful boy! I love this boy.
Patch was a preemie. He was 8 lbs 2 oz and a preemie. He was the biggest baby in the neonatal intense care unit... but he was still there and had to fight for every breath he took. I remember laying in my hospital bed, with no baby beside me, staring at an empty bassinet, and knowing he was 1 floor above me, hooked to wires and tubes. I remember the day I had to check out of the hospital and leave him behind. And I remember making Papa drive me back to the hospital, drop me off at the curb while he parked, so I could run inside and sit by Patch's side. And I remember when he came home I didn't want to let go.
In school Patch had a tough time last year and after many trials, came through it all the wiser. Ultimately, we felt it would be better to home school him, and it was wonderful for us both. I looked forward to the babes' nap time, so that we could study Arizona history and even spelling. I think Patch genuinely loves the art of knowledge, the process of filling his head with new facts and information is something he enjoys. This will take him so much farther than anything I could ever teach him.
These are characteristically Patch---All sports, dirty rooms, climbing trees, sand in his shoes, catching lizards, body slamming, ripped shorts, scabs always on every elbow and knee, sneaks the Hershey's syrup, loves not wearing a shirt, swinging any type of bat or club, riding his bike, fart jokes, tries to get away with not wearing any underwear, freckles, smelly feet that make grown men cry, sand in his bed, caught him playing with matches, holes in his knees, lunch box usually missing, and never knows where his homework is. This summer he regularly played 9-18 holes of golf by himself. He's an out of the box guy and will do or eat anything you dare him, including any bug live or dead. I've seen it. Patch does most everything big, including successes and mess ups! Patch tries it all and pushes the boundaries. He gets the consequences and usually tries it again. Give Patch an inch, and he'll surely take a mile. He knows how to wear this mama thin like none of my other children. Isn't that in the job descriptions of "boy" after all?
I love this boy.
When Patch was about 4 years old and learned to use a screw driver, he unscrewed the faceplate off every switch plate in our home. For weeks we would turn on a light, only to have the faceplate fall on the floor.
I love this boy.
When he was 7, he created his own fundraiser, not coincidentally during the holidays, and pestered every guest that came over to our home, and most every person we ran into for money. "Merry Christmas! Can I have some money?" He raised a little over $200 and donated the money to Food for the Hungry.
I love this boy.
Patch has shown his paternal soft side since the arrival of the babes. He enjoys caring them around, swooping them up when they fall, and making them laugh and smile. After many month of a stoic reserved baby, indeed it was Patch that first got Tess to smile regularly with his silly antics.
I love this boy.
When he was 3 he learned to climb the 5 foot block wall in our back yard, barefoot. My neighbor would regularly call me to tell me he was knocking at her back door.
We had a security system installed in our home, not to keep the boogie man out, but to keep Patch in.
In 3rd grade he told his teacher, "I like cheese!" about 10-20 times a day, every day, for the entire year. She got his quirky sense of humor. He doesn't actually like cheese.

I love spending time with him. Patch always seems to have a smile on his face, including in the middle of thorough reprimand. He has been the hardest child to give consequences 'cause nothing seems to phase him.

I love this boy!

I'd like to take the credit, but God has been very good to bless this child with the drive and tenacity and resilience and ability to smile and laugh at every turn. I didn't do any of that.

I'm thinking this is the type of boy who might become a man that we'll want to solve our seemingly unsolvable problems, i.e. our country's health care system, peace in the middle east, finding a cure for cancer. A man that thinks out of the box, doesn't take no for an answer and tries every way possible, and even someways that are impossible, to get problems solved. A man that tries what others won't to achieve an objective.

We're trying our best to raise this man.

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  1. Happy Birthday, smelly feet and all , from one freckle face to another! : ) This was a great post. It should be a children's book....seriously!


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