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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oober Boo Birthday

We've quickly come to the end of our 34 day-5 birthday-blitzkrieg! And today marks the last birthday bash... But before the festivities begin... a side note. I'm pretty exhausted. Can't seem to get a handle on the mountain of laundry or the constant little messes. After a laundry revolt (a.k.a. sin), I found myself losing the battle and finally succumbed to the laundry monster, and I did 11 loads of laundry yesterday. It's still not done. Finger prints and little piles of sand here and there, should remind me of how quickly these precious years will pass, but lately all I think is another thing to add to my already too full to-do list. I'm usually well into planning for the holidays by now, and somehow, I just don't even want to think about it. A little sleep deprived lately too. So now that I've held you captive to my personal temper tantrum, let's get down to business...
Happy birthday Boo!
I will admit that I was pretty excited when Boo requested pie for his birthday, rather than cake. We still have remnants of 2 other cakes in the fridge. But then I was worried when he requested pumpkin pie in the 11th hour! No fear... Costco has pumpkin pie! That's a little early, and force feeding the holidays to consumers, you Costco execs! Doubt they care what one lowly soccer mom thinks, yet I'm taking a stand. But still I snatched one up so as not to disappoint my sweetie.
Boo is 7 years old today! Where did that time go to? He's sweet and shy sometimes reserved and sometimes naughty. He was born 9lb 15 oz and still is a big boy, about a head taller than most classmates. And one of his best features is his hair! I hate to be that superficial, but honestly, he has GREAT hair! Kinda wavy, and oober thick and most of the time I can't keep from running my fingers through it. And the sweetest gentlest demeanor to boot! God has touched me through Boo, and this sweet boy, has taught me how to slow down and have fun... how to leave the sink of dishes till later and play. (Guess I need to listen to God a little more closely right now!)
Happy birthday sweet boy! I love you so much. You make me stop my busy day and smile.

PS- I love the word oober! That's childish.


  1. Is it just these photos or does Bo really, really look an awful lot like his Mama? Cutie....Hey Nancy, please send me your email again. I'd like to pick your brain about something. Thanks,

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the hair, BTW ; )


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