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Monday, September 21, 2009

Miracle Baby

Our loving Lord is good.

Introducing a new wonderful life in our world! My new nephew, smooshable, squeezable, and ever so kissable, PC. 8lb 15 oz. Sunny side up.  Born 2 minutes after midnight on September 18. Now perfectly safe in his mama's arms.  I'll let new mama again, Sherri, share the details of his birth, and how he needed those extra prayers and a little help from the Lord.  Let's just say, that everyday I want to be reminded that this world is bigger than just me, and PC's entrance into the world did that.  If you're family, there is a link to her blog is on the right.  Send the family our way to see how gorgeous he is! 

Here he is on his birthday, 11 hours old.
Even baby ears are adorable...
...and irresistable baby feet too!  Don't you just want to nibble on them piggies!
Just to prove how new he is, look at all those wrinkles from being so recently in his mama's womb.  Not to mention the hospital jewlery. 
The fingers with those little nails!  That tiny button of a nose peaking through!  So perfect!  It's almost more than I can bare!

There was a lot of praying going on. Some of it in silence. Some of it aloud. Some from far away and some right there in the LDR. Our collective prayers were heard and answered loud and clear.  That doesn't alwasy happen 'cause sometimes He speaks in a whisper.  Another ordinary miracle happened when this baby was born.

Welcome little one and happy birthday! This world can be pretty daunting. This world can be pretty amazing. The Lord will give you more than you dared to dream and ask you to hang on tight and trust Him. Trust Him. It's worth the ride.
And plump full cheeks that are just in dire need of kissing over and over and over...

...speaking of which... 
...she's leaning in...
Nope!  Can't resist!  Gotta kiss 'em!
That's mama bliss you're looking at.  If they could ever harness its power, they would find the cure for cancer... and PMS... and that hair growing above my upper lip.
Can you tell which of my daughters is the naturally maternal one, and which already proclaims that she might want to have just one child only if it's convenient and can co-exist in her ultra modern high-rise city apartment, with her bull dog named Jack. 
And can I pu-lease have myself some of those eyelashes?  Youth flaunts its self in front of the wise but old!

If I wasn't such a sane and rational person, this would make me want another smooshable wonderful baby.
That is if I was sane and rational!
When I was oh so young, say in my 30's, I always wanted to be the auntie that always had gum. You know, the cool auntie. Then I had kiddos of my own and discovered that gum isn't really that cool. In fact it's the mommy-antithesis of cool. It gets in your hair when you forget your chewing it and fall asleep. And smooshed into your carpet by 6 year olds who don't want it anymore despite the fact that you've told them to give it to you no less than 837 times when their done with it. 
PS-That is NOT me with the double chin and unkempt hair!  I can tell because I have a flawless complexion, no gray hair, and certainly no lip hair!


  1. What a scrumptious little baby boy - love the name Payne. Congratulations to all.

  2. I think he must be the cutest little boy I have ever seen! Can't wait to see more pictures of him :o)


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