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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In a moment of weakness...

Papa won.  I lost. 
With all of our boys, Papa eventually catches me in a low moment long before I'm ready to give in, and gets me to agree to the boy's first hair cut long before I'm psychologically ready to let go of my sweet baby boy and trade him for a little boy complete with little boy hair cut. 
I held strong with Boo and his lovely long baby locks for almost 2 years.  But Jujube has only been with us a year so I wasn't mentally prepared yet to let go of his baby hair.  Neither was he... note the tears despite the oh-so-cute fire truck chair.
But Papa is strong and comes from a long line of very conservative, strong willed, persuasive, and short-haired men.  The kind of men that may judge a man if his hair touches his collar.  There is no convincing this type of man that the California beach bum look is "in."  I've tried. 
So in a moment of weakness, I gave in this weekend. 
It's too short!  I really think it makes him look too old!  I don't like it a bit!  I threw my body on the floor and pounded my fists and kicked my feet! 
But I still lost.  It's just hair anyways.
Bye bye baby. Hello big boy. Maternal sigh...

PS-Yes, that's a bruise between his eyes, remnant of the goose egg.

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