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Friday, September 11, 2009

For my wild things!

Have you ever seen anything SO cute as these toddler rocking chairs! These little rockers were hand delivered for T&J a couple days ago, and they are so precious and completely justify having more little ones at such a mature age!
Granna got these adorable rockers for the babes' birthdays, then, being the incredibly generous, talented, and handy woman she is, made these slip covers to go over them! Yes, MADE them! Like sewed them with flat fabric with one of those new fangled sewing contraptions, added padding, and what ever else goes in to sewing. And they are just the cutest things ever! I've already had one person who saw them ask where she could get one for her grandson. Too bad cause they're custom made with love for my sweeties. Lucky babies! Note the little pockets on the side for their books, and toys, and sand, and occasional toad.
Crazy 8 highlight-- Tess and Jude took off their shirts no less than 986 times this morning, so I finally gave up, and today was designated "no shirt" day. Only they participated thankfully.

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