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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday Mornings

I'll let you in on a wonderful glorious moment. Not a big earth shattering, got-a-new car or even got-a -pedicure moment. But the little important ones, you know. The ones you stop right in the middle of it all... and say a prayer in your head. "Father God, don't ever let me forget this moment! This right here and this right now! This is so good. You're so so good to me, Lord, and blessed me with this."

My barley opened eyeballs opened up on Sunday morning to Tess opening the bedroom door and creeping in my bedroom. Pitter patter, pitter patter. Her feet really make that sound. Isn't that great!
And up popped these beautiful eyes across the bed from me.

Then she is climbing up my bed like a mountain, hand over hand she summits its peak... bed head run amuck.

Then Tess and I had quiet girl moments in bed. The kind a mother and daughter do, before daughters turn into teenagers and sleep in. Spooning and honking each other's noses. It was a great way to wake up.

Also in jammies, Jujube, must have been missing her, which he does, pause for maternal sigh... and came to find her. Climbing up, he puts his head on pillows and
pulls the covers up.

And sticks his feet out the end. Oh MAN... I DO THAT TOO!
And we are 3!

The big boys don't like the thought of being left out of anything. So Boo comes in and makes himself comfortable.
You adding it up?   That makes 4.

Boo has a hard time getting comfortable...

Ahhhhhh... that's better! Upside down!

Patch probably wonders where everyone went, and he wanders in next. Up he climbs, and now I have 5 in my not-so-peaceful-anymore Sunday bed.

But they're boys and brothers, so of course they start a wrestling match.

What mom? I'm not doing anything! Just laying here like your perfect angel!

Not sure why Papa didn't revel in his quiet time all alone, far away from the wrestling match, but he is a boy after all. So he joins us, and now we are 6.

And that's when I stop and thank God. I know this time, this season, these moments will pass so quickly. My boys won't want to crawl in my bed anymore. And I'll be sad that there isn't sand in my sheets anymore. There won't be anyone to wrestle on my bed on Sunday morning, no accidentally thrown elbows or knees in my back on my morning to sleep in. And I will miss them and have to settle for a phone call. But it won't be the same.

I want to remember always.


  1. What a beautiful post and accompanying photos. This makes me want to lay around in bed with my kids more often. :)

  2. Beautiful! What a precious moment to capture so perfectly.

  3. Wow. I feel like I was there. One of my favorite daily moments, and there are many, is at bedtime when B. and I are in the rocking chair. She sits on my lap, facing me, hands folded between her legs, and leans her chin and face to me to rub noses. We've played this "noses" game for months now. I used to say "let's do noses" and we'd brush our noses back and forth as I said "I" "love" "you" three times and we'd rub them in sync. Now, I either say nothing, as she initiates, or I just say "Noses?" and she gently leans her face right in. When she follows it up with laying her head on my chest, somehow indicating she now knows the day is complete, it takes my breath away.

  4. this made me cry! you captured it perfectly. i love that you savor each moment. i am so glad you are writing/savoring/sharing this stuff.


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