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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy 8 Highlights--Nutella

  • Papa says we may need to take a trip up to Provo to look for a vehicle that better accomidates the 8 of us.  That's funny stuff!  Us in Provo?
  • Ooops!  Goose egg!
  • I was shopping yesterday and discovered something truely fantastic. Life altering really! The world just got a little better! Costco now sells Nutella in a two pack! NO EXPLANATION NEEDED!
  • Tess has long known how to push the button to stop the clothes dryer. When ever she passes the laundry room and hears it running, she runs in to turn it off. It's like a mission. She's "anti dryer" obviously. But now she's been closely eyeing me do laundry and figured out how to open the dryer door and unload the laundry, wet laundry that is, onto the floor. So now when ever she hears the dryer running, she runs in, pushes the stop button, opens the door, and unloads the wet laundry onto the floor. Yesterday I reloaded the same clothes and restarted it 4 times. We're all gonna be ok with dog hair on our clothes for a while.
  • This is the son of my neighbor. He's good friends (read-co-conspirator) with Boo, and they get in LOTS of trouble together. Like selling rocks door to door or going trick-o-treating in May. Yes, this is my life. It's a hoot! Today he showed up at my door looking like this! He called it his "gangsta look." Isn't he just adorable? Boo wasn't home, but we had a lengthy discussion about gangstas and if they can be cute and cool at the same time. Eventually we determined, yes, they can be.

  • I've continued to work on my jam making skills. After my first successful attempt of strawberry jalapenio jam, I made a huge batch of peach jam, that was a very yummy but a little runny. Then last weekend there was a great sale on raspberries so currently I have 11 pints of raspberries sitting in my kitchen waiting for their ultimate fate, a thorough bashing and a "violet boil."  My thinks this helps me get out my repressed aggression!  But still I'm reminded of my grandmothers each time I make jam and saddened by all the stories and recipes that they could have passed on to me that I missed. But I do know that they would be proud of my efforts.
  • Sunny went to a party this weekend, and I was adjusting the camera to take her picture after she was all primped and pretty. Look at the picture closely, and you'll see it. Stereotypical Sunny who adores the limelight. And stereotypical Patch who completely fulfills the role of annoying little brother.

  • Sharon-I really have NO idea where the VooDoo tangerine came from or what it means. I briefly considered conducting a thorough interrogation of all house members, but I've been been in the trenches of parenting teenage daughters these days, and it has been quite draining. I'm carefully picking my battles and just gonna consider the VooDoo tangerine a divinely placed comic distraction.

  • Pamela-(You know you're still 10 years old when I see you in my head, right? Cute as a button, but still 10!) Yes, it's Fiestaware. I grew up with the cobalt Fiesta on our dinner table every night. My papa grew up with the pastel lines on his dinner table. So I guess I just kept the tradition going. I never could decide on a color, so I just have them all. Makes for great mixes of colors and the kiddos have fun picking out the combinations when they set the table. They're pretty durable, and when the kiddos do break a piece, I know I can easily replace it. Once a year we take inventory and replace the missing pieces. Their pasta dishes are to die for!
  • Sherri-Funny you should mention that sweet gorgeous new baby!  I'm SO excited that I'm taking more pics of him today!  He's all of 11 days old now.  I'll let you know if it produces anything worth while!

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