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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming soon...


My new niece or nephew is arriving ANY day now! And doesn't Sherri look awesome! And happy! And not like she's been pregnant for 9 months while simultaneously caring for her busy brood of 3 other gorgeous children, AND working for their business... all at the same time. When I was this pregnant, I looked like a mac truck had just driven over the top of me and parked! Sherri looks happy, but then again, maybe that's just cause her pregnancy is almost over. You mamas know what I'm talking about, right?! Did I mention it's still in the triple digit temperatures here?

And no, they really don't know if their having a boy or girl. Rather they do know that they're having a boy or a girl but just don't know which one. I'm mean a unicorn would just be weird! I know that's a cultural oddity in this day and age, to not find out. But God surely will place just the right baby in this family and any boy or girl or unicorn would be so lucky to call this fabulous and faithful family her own. I'm thinking it's a girl. Maybe even a girl unicorn. And I will proudly proclaim that I am 100% right almost 50% of the time!

Bitty baby pics coming soon!

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